Full-Service Genealogy


We can come to you to digitize your photographs and records.



We continue your research each month and expand your family online.


What’s Stopping You?

  • Don't have time to finish
  • Need help scanning
  • Can’t get family interested
  • Don’t like computers
  • Feeling pressure to “get it done”
  • Want “names” for church work
  • Don’t really like to do genealogy

Wherever You Are, We Help You Reach Your Goals

Lost or stuck with your genealogy? We get you going by doing the “hard parts” of your genealogy for you... by organizing your photos, slides, documents, memorabilia, books, journals, audiotapes, videos-all of it. We can even search for lost or missing data and locate the research of distant relatives. Then we digitize it all with the latest technology and publish it online.
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Call for a Home Visit™

You can find out how you can sew up all the loose ends you’ve been meaning to get to in your genealogy all of these years. With one phone call, My Family Online will meet with you free of charge and highlight where you are and what needs to be done to get where you want to go. Call us at (800) 285-1888.