“I was excited to find the branch of our family tree on your website that left Norway over 100 years ago. I live 17 km from the city of our forefathers in Norway and have researched our line to the 1600s. I am eager to share my research with you!”

             Morten - Hordaland, Norway
"They were amazing. They met me in my home and together we developed a plan to complete everything I've been struggling to do for years. Now I feel like I'm making some progress and my whole family is involved!"

             Mary - Oregon, USA
"I was excited to come upon this myfamilyonline.com page to learn some history of the man that the ledger belonged to. This is wonderful!"

             Joyce - California, USA
"I’ve spoken very favorable about your services already to a number of people. There’s a chance it could lead to additional business. I’m sure the final product will help when I can show it off!"

             Tom - Toronto, Canada
"Hi! I am a descendant of Ezra Levi Hudson through his daughter Malinda Hudson Harris - her son Herman Harris was my grandfather. If you are willing to communicate with me to share photos, etc. please email me. Thank you."

             Nancy - Wisconsin, USA
"I am trying to help a friend with the last name of Lookadoo who is interested in working on her ancestry. Her ancestry goes all the way back to Thomas Frank Hallmark who is on your site. I love your site and the way your web pages are laid out."

             Holly - Ohio, USA