Now that all your family history has been gathered, digitized and backed-up, My Family Onlineexperts can publish your family history online. Once your genealogy is online it is accessible to not only your family but to other people doing genealogy on the web. There are a lot of other people out there you may be related to that you don’t even know about, and they may have a lot of information about your family. Now anyone in the world has access to your genealogy with the opportunity to add to your family history “repository”.

The method we utilize to publish your family history online is incredibly important. We name each item in such a way that anyone searching for your ancestors on the internet will find it – increasing your ability to obtain more information. When viewers access your ancestor information they will find a well-organized, comprehensible, and intuitive web page complete with any available photographs, documents, histories, books and so forth.

We organize photos, documents, ancestors and events so that they’re in context. In other words, your family history will be clearly understood and enjoyed. Take a quick tour of our web page format to see how thousands of people experience and enjoy our website every day.

1. A navigation bar guides you through each ancestor.

2. The “Individual” tab contains vital information on each ancestor.

3. The “Media” area displays photographs and other related items.

4. The “Event Map” locates important events in an ancestor’s life.

5. The “Pedigree Chart” area instantly displays the ancestors for any ancestor from 2 to 8 generations. These charts are available in 8 different formats including: Standard, Compact, Box, Text, Ahnetafel, Media and PDF.

6. The “Descendants” tab provides charts from 1 to 12 generations. These are available in 5 different formats including: Standard, Compact, Text, Register and PDF.

7. The “Relationship” tab provides the ability to determine relationships between people in your tree up to 15 generations apart.

8. The “Timeline” tab displays the lives of ancestors alongside important events or compared to other relatives.

9. The “Worksheet” tab provides a simple method for others to submit corrects and additional information to your database.

10. The “GEDCOM” tab offers an easy and convenient way for other family members to download a copy of your information order to compare it to their information or begin doing genealogy on their own!

Each tab is packed with information that is integrated into a complete resource that tells the story or your family, linking information, media, locations and your family tree through the generations. Call (800) 285-1888 now to get more information on how you can get started today!