Where To Start

Where Are YOU in Your Genealogy?

Are you just getting started, work on it from time to time or a genealogy veteran? No matter where you are My Family Online™ can help you!

Are any of these your situation?

  • Don’t have enough time?
  • Feel “stuck”?
  • Feel guilty?
  • Feel unorganized?
  • Feel like it’s too big?
  • Don’t like computers?
  • Feel pressure to “get it done”?
  • Need help developing a plan?
  • Don’t understand the new technology?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Need help getting everything digitized?
  • Find it difficult to be an expert in everything?
  • Don’t want to pay for all the subscriptions?
  • Need information from overseas?
  • Can’t locate that “missing record”?
  • Can’t get family interested?
  • Still using PAF?

Getting Started

My Family Online has the solution for you! When you begin your My Family Online experience, talented experts develop a plan with you to transform your memories, photographs, documents, notes, data, video and audio tapes into a rich, highly usable archive that your entire family can enjoy. With My Family Online on your side you have an army of specialists at your disposal to help organize, scan, publish, research or any other genealogical activity. Call us now to get started (800) 285-1888.