In order to digitize your media quickly and efficiently, My Family Online utilizes a wide collection of scanners and other digitizing equipment and techniques.

High-Speed Scanners – These scanners are the backbone of our digitizing program due to their ability to process images at a high rate and a host of other benefits:

Thousands of scans per hour – So we get to other important things.

Simplex or Duplex – For one or both sides of an item.

Straight Pass through – For thick items that should not bend.

File auto naming – Provides filing system.

Pickup feeding – Allows for automatic feeding.

Long documents – Scans items up to 118 inches long.

Shadow Cropping – Removes unnecessary images.

Text Enhancement – Produces more usable words.

Background Smoothing – Captures the most important elements.

Auto Color Detection – Optimizes image quality to storage size ratio.

Flatbed Scanners – Although much slower than high-speed scanners, these type of units can be utilized for items that could be damaged or too large for other scanners. These scanners are usually capable of 1-2 images per minute or around 100 images per hour.

Large Format Scanners – As the name implies, these units are invaluable in scanning large media items such as maps, oversized books, photographs and other articles.

Overhead Scanners – Unlike high-speed, flatbed and large-format scanners these machines scan from a short distance overhead providing digital specialists an alternative for fragile, large or otherwise unusual items.