Baptism Record for the Petersons

Petersen, Hans 6 April 1825 Valby 18 March 1862 Aaerboe H. P. Lund
Petersen, Dorise 29 October 1829 25 April 1858 Valby Harth A. Alquist

H. P. Lund is probably Hans Peter Lund born 16 July 1821 and Christened 30 September 1821 Nekso, Bornholm, Denmark (KWJF-J6F). He joined the LDS Church in 1850. Hans was active in missionary work until emigrating to America in 1857 ( He was a company cook for the Horace S. Eldredge Company in 1858 at age 37 which arrived in Salt Lake, Utah 1 August 1858. Under his direction, 654 (or 657) LDS Saints sailed on the ship B.S. Kimball from Liverpool, England in 1863 ( Hans joined the John R. Young Company in 1863 along with Hans and Doris Petersen. Hans died 19 June 1880 and is buried in the Huntsville Cemetery.

Harth A. Alquist does not appear on Pioneer Overland Travel - Alquist he was most likely a Denmark native and did not emigrate.

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