1838 Town of Wickersville census in winter of 1838

One of the largest of the early settlements in Chambers County, Alabama numbered nearly two thousand at the time this census. It was located on the Creek "Horse Path" where the trail crossed the Osligee.

The Willis Johnson, William Greer and Widow Mangrum families are living near each other (see middle column, near bottom).

William D. Greer is an older brother (born 18 June 1800) of Nancy Reddick Greer. Jane Greer (born 13 March 1787) is the older sister of Nancy Reddick Greer and had married a Thomas Mangham. Thomas's father was Solomon and he also had a brother named Solomon.

Source: The Reason for the Tears by Bobby L. Lindsey, 1971, pgs. 250-251.

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