1804 Death for Marie Cunit

8-10 March 1804, Mouzay, Meuse, France

Marie Cunit, native of Murvaux, age 69
Death: 18 Ventose 1804 [8-10 March]
Spouse: Francois Baillet, mason (deceased)
Parents: Jean Cunit (deceased) and Julienne Patoche (deceased), both died in Murvaux
1. Etienne Bernard, son-in-law, shoemaker, age 20
2. Jacques Cunit, brother, laborer, age 72

Note: Marie's date of death is 18 Ventose 1804. In France, a new calendar was created during the French Revolution and used by the French Republic from 1793-1805. The month of Ventose began on February 19, 20, or 21, which would make Marie's date of death March 8, 9, or 10.

Archives Departementales de la Meuse (, Mouzay Décès (1803-1822), img 37

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