1900 US Census for Thomas H Nott Jr Household

Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

In the household:
Thomas H Nott Jr, Head, born Aug 1869, age 30, M, married 8 years, born in England, parents born in England, Merchant - Shoes
Agnes M, Wife, born Aug 1871, age 28, M, 6 children with 4 living, born in UT, father born in Ireland, mother born in England
Elsie M, Daughter, born Nov 1892, age 7, S, born in UT
Thomas H, Son, born Apr 1895, age 5, S, born in UT
Donald M, Son, born Apr 1895, age 5, S, born in UT
Alta A, Daughter, born Mar 1900, 2/12, S, born in UT
Edna S Alexander, Servant, born Apr 1886, age 14, S, born in UT, Servant

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