1917 Supreme Court Appeal of Philip Baillet for Wrongful Death of son, Alfred

Supreme Court of Kings County, State of New York

Philip Baillet, as Administrator for Alfred Baillet, deceased, Plaintiff
Frank B. Borrick, Martin Dahlan, Harry A. Schroeder and Joseph Quinn, Defendants

Aug 1915- Apr 1917 Original civil case brought by Philip Baillet against the Defendants
1 May 1917- Kings County, NY Court found in favor of the Defendants, including costs and Case Dismissed

7 May 1917- Notice of Appeal to Supreme Court filed by Philip Baillet, through his attorney:
- For wrongful death in the drowning of Alfred Baillet on 27 Jun 1915.
- To recover "sustained damages in the sum of $10,000"
6 Aug 1917- Settlement of Appeal case [no details of the settlement are included in the case file]

This Case Report is approx. 300 pages and is difficult to navigate online.
For best access, download the entire book here:

Click the Gear symbol in the upper right and select "Download PDF"

Once downloaded, you can navigate the PDF pages (not the book pages) as follows:
page 286- Beginning of case
page 288- Index
page 297- Complaint (detail of Philip's case against the defendants) and Defendant's Answer
page 314- Testimony of Philip Baillet on 11 Apr 1917
page 316- Testimony of Emma Baillet
page 409- Testimony of Philip Baillet, Jr.
page 436- Further Testimony of Philip Baillet, Jr.
page 510- Final Settlement Order of Appeal Case and Order to File [with the Court]

The full case runs from page 286 to page 577.

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