1930 US Census for John and Thomas McMeckan in Kane Household

Kearny, Hudson, New Jersey

326 Highland Avenue
Catherine Kane, Head, 62, Wd, born in Ireland, parents born in Ireland
John T, Son, 26, S, born in NJ, Bookkeeper
Philip A, Son, 24, born in NJ, Operator
John Kane, Son, 21, S, born in NJ, parents born in Ireland, Bookkeeper - Dupont
Thomas McMeckan, Boarder, 15, S, born in NJ, parents born in NJ, Messenger - Western Union

Although John is recorded as John Kane, his name, age, and occupation match John Meakem. The Kane family did not have a son named John. Thomas McMeckan is Thomas Meakem, the brother of John. The brothers were living with the Kane family in the 1920 census also.

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