1851 Wales Census for Hannah Thomas Household

Llandaff, Glamorgan, Wales

In the household:
Hannah Thomas, Head, Mar, 67, Market Gardeners wife, born in Limpson, Somerset
Esther Thomas, Daur, Mar, 37, born in Newport, Monmouth
Elizabeth Evans, Gr Daur, 15, born in Whitchurch, Glamorgan
Ada Evans, Gr Daur, 13, born in Whitchurch, Glamorgan
Jabez Harris, Grand Son, 8, Scholar, born in Whitchurch, Glamorgan
Henry Evans, Grand Son, 8, Scholar, born in Whitchurch, Glamorgan
Elizabeth Harris, Gr Daur, 5, Scholar, born in Whitchurch, Glamorgan
Joshua Harris, Gr Daur, 3, born in Whitchurch, Glamorgan

Hannah Riden Bowering Thomas is the head of household. In her household are her daughter, Esther Harris, and grandchildren. The grandchildren are the children of two daughters: Esther and Elizabeth. Esther's husband, Isaac Harris, and one son were already in the United States. Elizabeth and her husband, William Evans, were dead by this census.

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