Virginia, United States



Latitude: 37.5481167, Longitude: -77.4467472


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cynthia  Abt 1793Virginia, United States I3405 Muse-Nagy 
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1812Virginia, United States I6260 Wagner-Thomas 
3 Wilmouth  Abt 1736Virginia, United States I3361 Speirs-Taylor 
4 Adams, Charner  Abt 1759Virginia, United States I236 Staples-Record 
5 Anderson, Samuel  1782Virginia, United States I358 Bickmore - Anderson 
6 Armstrong, Harriet  1851Virginia, United States I4612 My Family Tree 
7 Armstrong, Jacob  1839Virginia, United States I4607 My Family Tree 
8 Armstrong, Jas  1859Virginia, United States I4616 My Family Tree 
9 Armstrong, Margaret  1855Virginia, United States I4614 My Family Tree 
10 Armstrong, Martena  1857Virginia, United States I4615 My Family Tree 
11 Armstrong, Mary J  1852Virginia, United States I4613 My Family Tree 
12 Armstrong, Mattie J  15 Apr 1879Virginia, United States I4359 My Family Tree 
13 Armstrong, Melinda  1838Virginia, United States I4617 My Family Tree 
14 Armstrong, Nancy  1846Virginia, United States I4611 My Family Tree 
15 Armstrong, Samuel  1842Virginia, United States I4609 My Family Tree 
16 Armstrong, Sarah  8 Jun 1844Virginia, United States I4610 My Family Tree 
17 Armstrong, William  1841Virginia, United States I4608 My Family Tree 
18 Blackwood, Helen M  16 Jan 1847Virginia, United States I5122 Wagner-Thomas 
19 Bodkin, Richard Sr.  Abt 1710Virginia, United States I4061 My Family Tree 
20 Boswell, Sarah M  Oct 1861Virginia, United States I9006 Wagner-Thomas 
21 Chapman, William  Abt 1773Virginia, United States I3404 Muse-Nagy 
22 Cole, Eliza  1824Virginia, United States I1457 Stonehocker 
23 Cox, James Henry  Abt 1831Virginia, United States I3580 Wagner-Thomas 
24 Cromeans, Addie  1808Virginia, United States I155 Hall-Rogers 
25 Cromeans, Lovey Matilda  Abt 1807Virginia, United States I157 Hall-Rogers 
26 Crosby, Frances  Abt 1752Virginia, United States I323 Edwards-Gibbs 
27 Crosby, Sr., George  Abt 1655Virginia, United States I284 Edwards-Gibbs 
28 Cumbo, William H  Jun 1877Virginia, United States I10750 Wagner-Thomas 
29 Cumbow, Fannie F  Nov 1880Virginia, United States I10752 Wagner-Thomas 
30 Cumbow, George W  Jun 1837Virginia, United States I10748 Wagner-Thomas 
31 Cumbow, Kitty E  Feb 1886Virginia, United States I10754 Wagner-Thomas 
32 Cumbow, Montague  Aug 1884Virginia, United States I10753 Wagner-Thomas 
33 Cummings, Sarah  13 Feb 1734Virginia, United States I3227 Wagner-Thomas 
34 Cummings, Simon  Abt 1712Virginia, United States I6482 Wagner-Thomas 
35 Davidson, Robert H.  Abt 1824Virginia, United States I376 Bickmore - Anderson 
36 Davis, Mathias  27 Jan 1803Virginia, United States I577 Staples-Record 
37 Davis, Rhea  Abt 1880Virginia, United States I5415 Wagner-Thomas 
38 Elswick, William  1795Virginia, United States I884 Staples-Record 
39 Farrow, William L. Colonel  18 Apr 1771Virginia, United States I156 Hawk - Parent 
40 Fields, Alvin  Abt 1833Virginia, United States I6262 Wagner-Thomas 
41 Fields, Cummings  Abt 1830Virginia, United States I6261 Wagner-Thomas 
42 Fields, Elbert  Abt 1838Virginia, United States I6264 Wagner-Thomas 
43 Fields, Joseph Bannion  Abt 1806Virginia, United States I6259 Wagner-Thomas 
44 Fields, Margaret Jane  24 Sep 1831Virginia, United States I5736 Wagner-Thomas 
45 Fields, Martha  Abt 1835Virginia, United States I6263 Wagner-Thomas 
46 Fields, Patterson Hubert  Abt 1840Virginia, United States I6265 Wagner-Thomas 
47 Fleming, Susanna  Abt 1628Virginia, United States I438 Edwards-Gibbs 
48 Fletcher, Mary  Sep 1827Virginia, United States I4661 Speirs-Taylor 
49 Fletcher, Rachael  1829Virginia, United States I4662 Speirs-Taylor 
50 Floyd, Henry Helm  Abt 1757Virginia, United States I372 Edwards-Gibbs 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Patrick, Elizabeth  9 Dec 1795Virginia, United States I2719 Speirs-Taylor 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armstrong, (twin) Mary  1867Virginia, United States I3742 My Family Tree 
2 Armstrong, (twin) Mary  1867Virginia, United States I4057 My Family Tree 
3 Brumbaugh, Aurelia M  26 Dec 1982Virginia, United States I2008 Wagner-Thomas 
4 Cannoy, Phoebe Ferreby  1872Virginia, United States I87 Linkous 
5 Heltzel, Charles  Virginia, United States I4115 My Family Tree 
6 Holtzclaw, Agnes  Aft 1830Virginia, United States I285 Edwards-Gibbs 
7 Plummer, Margaret  1697Virginia, United States I289 Edwards-Gibbs 
8 Routt, Peter  1832Virginia, United States I370 Edwards-Gibbs 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Belfield, Joseph  Virginia, United States I433 Edwards-Gibbs 
2 Cooley, Ruth Alberta  24 Apr 1972Virginia, United States I2 Hughes-Cooley 
3 Dozier, Elizabeth  Virginia, United States I444 Edwards-Gibbs 
4 Fleming, John  30 Aug 1686Virginia, United States I441 Edwards-Gibbs 
5 Hillhouse, Mary  1765Virginia, United States I342 Edwards-Gibbs 
6 Mountjoy, Alvin  1700Virginia, United States I330 Edwards-Gibbs 
7 Whitt, Archibald Sr.  1831Virginia, United States I80 Linkous 
8 Wilson, James  Virginia, United States I448 Edwards-Gibbs 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bodkin / Bodkin  13 Aug 1789Virginia, United States F1605 My Family Tree 
2 Fields /   Abt 1829Virginia, United States F1876 Wagner-Thomas 
3 Garrard / Washington  Abt 1761Virginia, United States F99 Edwards-Gibbs 
4 Hallmark / Mynatt  Abt 1769Virginia, United States F912 Wagner-Thomas 
5 Hallmark / Weldon  1817 OR 1818Virginia, United States F1086 Wagner-Thomas 
6 Honey . / Routt  1779Virginia, United States F109 Hawk - Parent 
7 Hughes / Mosby  Abt 1778Virginia, United States F146 Edwards-Gibbs 
8 Hughes / Tarleton  1697Virginia, United States F116 Edwards-Gibbs 
9 Napier / Hughes  1732Virginia, United States F140 Edwards-Gibbs 
10 Payne / Wilson  Abt 1833Virginia, United States F1227 Muse-Nagy 
11 Sherwood / Riley  19 Oct 1724Virginia, United States F121 Edwards-Gibbs 
12 TARLETON / Fleming  Abt 1648Virginia, United States F155 Edwards-Gibbs 
13 WOODSON / Tarleton  1680Virginia, United States F154 Edwards-Gibbs