Upton, Northamptonshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wingfield, Cecil  1574Upton, Northamptonshire, England I3297 Bird-Metcalf 
2 Wingfield, Elizabeth  Abt 1534Upton, Northamptonshire, England I3289 Bird-Metcalf 
3 Wingfield, Henry  1520Upton, Northamptonshire, England I3287 Bird-Metcalf 
4 Wingfield, John  1542Upton, Northamptonshire, England I3290 Bird-Metcalf 
5 Wingfield, Richard  1576Upton, Northamptonshire, England I3298 Bird-Metcalf 
6 Wingfield, Robert  Abt 1490Upton, Northamptonshire, England I1499 Bird-Metcalf 
7 Wingfield, Robert  Abt 1565Upton, Northamptonshire, England I3293 Bird-Metcalf 
8 Wingfield, Robert W  1532Upton, Northamptonshire, England I1497 Bird-Metcalf 
9 Wingfield, Thomas  Abt 1492Upton, Northamptonshire, England I3255 Bird-Metcalf 
10 Wingfield, Thomas  1524Upton, Northamptonshire, England I3288 Bird-Metcalf 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cecil, Elizabeth  1610/11Upton, Northamptonshire, England I1498 Bird-Metcalf 
2 Wingfield, Robert  4 Feb 1575Upton, Northamptonshire, England I1499 Bird-Metcalf 
3 Wingfield, Robert W  21 Mar 1580Upton, Northamptonshire, England I1497 Bird-Metcalf