Tennessee, United States



Latitude: 35.7502806, Longitude: -86.2502806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Angeline  1822Tennessee, United States I915 Staples-Record 
2 E M  Abt 1840Tennessee, United States I3561 Muse-Nagy 
3 Evelyn  1851Tennessee, United States I151 Cranford-Bales 
4 Jane  1820Tennessee, United States I4411 My Family Tree 
5 Meriah G.  1824Tennessee, United States I909 Staples-Record 
6 Ruth  Abt 1795Tennessee, United States I2747 Muse-Nagy 
7 Armstrong, Aaron W  20 Mar 1835Tennessee, United States I4599 My Family Tree 
8 Armstrong, Addison Wear  10 Dec 1801Tennessee, United States I4366 My Family Tree 
9 Armstrong, Betsey  1819Tennessee, United States I4376 My Family Tree 
10 Armstrong, Dialthea Perry  1814Tennessee, United States I4373 My Family Tree 
11 Armstrong, James Houston  18 Nov 1815Tennessee, United States I4368 My Family Tree 
12 Armstrong, John Wesley  14 Apr 1825Tennessee, United States I4468 My Family Tree 
13 Armstrong, Malinda  28 Mar 1817Tennessee, United States I4374 My Family Tree 
14 Armstrong, Margaret Cunningham  1811Tennessee, United States I4375 My Family Tree 
15 Armstrong, Mariah  1803Tennessee, United States I4370 My Family Tree 
16 Armstrong, Robert Horace  1809Tennessee, United States I4367 My Family Tree 
17 Armstrong, Rutelia  1 Aug 1806Tennessee, United States I4371 My Family Tree 
18 Armstrong, Samuel Thompson  1818Tennessee, United States I4369 My Family Tree 
19 Bailey, William  Abt 1815Tennessee, United States I5246 Wagner-Thomas 
20 Bales, Jesse  16 Mar 1905Tennessee, United States I146 Cranford-Bales 
21 Bales, John B. /Joe (Jodie)  1874Tennessee, United States I21 Cranford-Bales 
22 Bales, Joseph H.  1847Tennessee, United States I150 Cranford-Bales 
23 Bennett, Mary Ann  Abt 1835Tennessee, United States I5255 Wagner-Thomas 
24 Biggs, William W  1834Tennessee, United States I4672 Speirs-Taylor 
25 Bird, Jasper Philip  18 Feb 1842Tennessee, United States I3556 Muse-Nagy 
26 Burleson, Aaron  24 Sep 1805Tennessee, United States I2963 Wagner-Thomas 
27 Calvert, Sarah  Abt 1780Tennessee, United States I3142 Wagner-Thomas 
28 Campbell, Emily  Abt 1823Tennessee, United States I3904 My Family Tree 
29 Coffey, James  1803Tennessee, United States I291 Hawk - Parent 
30 Cotter, William E  1843Tennessee, United States I10347 Wagner-Thomas 
31 Crow, Malinda  Abt 1835Tennessee, United States I112 Bowser 
32 Crow, Robert  Abt 1803Tennessee, United States I115 Bowser 
33 Decker, George S.  1867Tennessee, United States I259 Cranford-Bales 
34 Driskill, Lucinda Tennessee  Mar 1825Tennessee, United States I48 Stoddard 
35 Dunford, William E Jr  2 Apr 1908Tennessee, United States I135 DeJute 
36 Fielding, Sarah Jane  1803Tennessee, United States I292 Hawk - Parent 
37 Green, Ruth  10 Nov 1891Tennessee, United States I3307 Muse-Nagy 
38 Grubb, Julie Ann  27 Aug 1817Tennessee, United States I910 Staples-Record 
39 Gwin, Wilson H  Abt 1829Tennessee, United States I3450 Muse-Nagy 
40 Hale, Nancy A  1848Tennessee, United States I3976 My Family Tree 
41 Hale, William  Abt 1824/1826Tennessee, United States I3910 My Family Tree 
42 Hallmark, Castleman Solomon  Abt 1790Tennessee, United States I3104 Wagner-Thomas 
43 Hallmark, Clementine  Abt 1836Tennessee, United States I3616 Wagner-Thomas 
44 Hallmark, Jacob  Abt 1818Tennessee, United States I3112 Wagner-Thomas 
45 Hallmark, Marilda  8 Oct 1808Tennessee, United States I2951 Wagner-Thomas 
46 Hallmark, Mary  25 Sep 1801Tennessee, United States I3143 Wagner-Thomas 
47 Hallmark, Ted D  1854Tennessee, United States I3630 Wagner-Thomas 
48 Hallmark, William  Abt 1838Tennessee, United States I3617 Wagner-Thomas 
49 Harden, Elizabeth  24 Mar 1899 (1897)Tennessee, United States I37 Cranford-Bales 
50 Harden, Jennie  Tennessee, United States I181 Cranford-Bales 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armstrong, Addison Wear  22 May 1873Tennessee, United States I4366 My Family Tree 
2 Armstrong, Betsey  1819Tennessee, United States I4376 My Family Tree 
3 Armstrong, Malinda  12 Jul 1884Tennessee, United States I4374 My Family Tree 
4 Armstrong, Mariah  1885Tennessee, United States I4370 My Family Tree 
5 Armstrong, Robert Horace  1819Tennessee, United States I4367 My Family Tree 
6 Armstrong, Rutelia  28 Feb 1862Tennessee, United States I4371 My Family Tree 
7 Armstrong, Samuel Thompson  1819Tennessee, United States I4369 My Family Tree 
8 Bell, Susan Elizabeth  1899Tennessee, United States I67 Stoddard 
9 Green, John C  14 Nov 1912Tennessee, United States I3287 Muse-Nagy 
10 Melton, John H.  Bef Jan 1872Tennessee, United States I105 Bowser 
11 Mullinax, Sarah  1850Tennessee, United States I117 Staples-Record 
12 Noah, Alexander  1 Dec 1861Tennessee, United States I154 Edwards-Gibbs 
13 Wear, Elizabeth  13 Feb 1820Tennessee, United States I3818 My Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Stewart, William Dawson  Tennessee, United States I37 Stoddard 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Davis / Mc Natt  Tennessee, United States F512 Stonehocker 
2 Hale / Campbell  Abt 1846Tennessee, United States F1522 My Family Tree 
3 Hallmark / Calvert  Abt 1800Tennessee, United States F1059 Wagner-Thomas 
4 Price / Cromeans  Abt 1846Tennessee, United States F76 Hall-Rogers 
5 Thomas /   24 Sep 1860Tennessee, United States F403 Staples-Record