Rockingham, Virginia, United States



Latitude: 38.5166700, Longitude: -78.8833300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brock, Strother  1835Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1682 My Family Tree 
2 Cline, Susan H.  1852Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1687 My Family Tree 
3 Coffman, Samuel B.  Nov 1850Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1601 My Family Tree 
4 Funk, Anna Magdalene  30 Sep 1838Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1602 My Family Tree 
5 Good, Abraham P.  22 Oct 1824Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1727 My Family Tree 
6 Good, Anna Mary  11 Apr 1822Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1725 My Family Tree 
7 Good, Daniel P.  25 Aug 1835Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1729 My Family Tree 
8 Good, Frances P.  1825Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1726 My Family Tree 
9 Good, Peter P.  1832Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1728 My Family Tree 
10 Good, Samuel P.  Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1730 My Family Tree 
11 Good, Susanna  1820Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1724 My Family Tree 
12 Heltzel, Delilah Lovina  4 Dec 1829Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1604 My Family Tree 
13 Heltzel, Hannah Nesy  15 Aug 1836Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1607 My Family Tree 
14 Heltzel, John Davis  17 Jun 1845Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1611 My Family Tree 
15 Heltzel, Margaret Susan "Susanna"  5 Oct 1850Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1732 My Family Tree 
16 Heltzel, Mary Louisa  16 Dec 1838Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1608 My Family Tree 
17 Heltzel, Philip Merion  30 Sep 1843Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1610 My Family Tree 
18 Heltzel, Sarah Jane  15 Jul 1841Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1609 My Family Tree 
19 Heltzel, Susanna Margaret twin  9 May 1834Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1595 My Family Tree 
20 Heltzel, William Harrison twin  9 May 1834Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1606 My Family Tree 
21 Kniceley, John Samuel  20 Oct 1807Rockingham, Virginia, United States I3752 My Family Tree 
22 Snyder, John H.  1838Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1600 My Family Tree 
23 Wampler, John  1754Rockingham, Virginia, United States I2390 Speirs-Taylor 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Diller, Christena  Aft 1860Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1722 My Family Tree 
2 Funk, Anna Magdalene  29 Nov 1899Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1602 My Family Tree 
3 Good, Christena  26 Sep 1862Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1556 My Family Tree 
4 Good, Peter  1858Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1721 My Family Tree 
5 Snyder, John H.  1919Rockingham, Virginia, United States I1600 My Family Tree 
6 Wampler, John  1845Rockingham, Virginia, United States I2390 Speirs-Taylor 
7 Wampler, John  1845Rockingham, Virginia, United States I2395 Speirs-Taylor 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brock / Heltzel  23 Dec 1852Rockingham, Virginia, United States F573 My Family Tree 
2 Burkholder / Good  4 Sep 1850Rockingham, Virginia, United States F614 My Family Tree 
3 Coffman / Heltzel  23 Mar 1872Rockingham, Virginia, United States F570 My Family Tree 
4 Heltzel / Cline  5 Mar 1881Rockingham, Virginia, United States F571 My Family Tree 
5 Heltzel / Funk  23 Aug 1863Rockingham, Virginia, United States F548 My Family Tree 
6 Heltzel / Good  17 Oct 1849Rockingham, Virginia, United States F533 My Family Tree 
7 Kniceley / Armstrong  22 Nov 1827Rockingham, Virginia, United States F1460 My Family Tree 
8 Lamon / Good  11 Oct 1855Rockingham, Virginia, United States F613 My Family Tree 
9 Payne / Heltzel  15 Sep 1852Rockingham, Virginia, United States F568 My Family Tree 
10 Payne / Heltzel  10 Nov 1867Rockingham, Virginia, United States F612 My Family Tree 
11 Snyder / Heltzel  10 Oct 1867Rockingham, Virginia, United States F569 My Family Tree