Pennsylvania, United States



Latitude: 40.2724528, Longitude: -76.9056694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ada M  1874Pennsylvania, United States I147 Riley-Cirillo 
2 Adelaid  Aug 1866Pennsylvania, United States I5168 Wagner-Thomas 
3 Ann Eliza  Jul 1848Pennsylvania, United States I1441 Speirs-Taylor 
4 Christiana  Abt 1805Pennsylvania, United States I7572 Wagner-Thomas 
5 Emma  Abt 1849Pennsylvania, United States I8089 Wagner-Thomas 
6 Katherine  Abt 1808Pennsylvania, United States I633 Speirs-Taylor 
7 Maria Clara  Abt 1770Pennsylvania, United States I7562 Wagner-Thomas 
8 Martha  Aug 1850Pennsylvania, United States I1442 Speirs-Taylor 
9 Martha  Aug 1853Pennsylvania, United States I273 Riley-Cirillo 
10 Mary  1858Pennsylvania, United States I275 Riley-Cirillo 
11 Mary C.  Sep 1850Pennsylvania, United States I902 Bird-Metcalf 
12 Mary Jane  Apr 1846Pennsylvania, United States I1440 Speirs-Taylor 
13 Nannie  4 Jan 1857 OR 7 Jan 1857Pennsylvania, United States I1443 Speirs-Taylor 
14 Rebecca  1832Pennsylvania, United States I138 Jessup-Cook Branch 
15 A, Eliza  Abt 1800Pennsylvania, United States I9271 Wagner-Thomas 
16 Alexander, Austin  1869Pennsylvania, United States I160 Riley-Cirillo 
17 Alexander, Clement Cherington  5 May 1863Pennsylvania, United States I163 Riley-Cirillo 
18 Alexander, Elmer  1873Pennsylvania, United States I158 Riley-Cirillo 
19 Alexander, Harry  1877Pennsylvania, United States I276 Riley-Cirillo 
20 Alexander, Helen A.  1902Pennsylvania, United States I259 Riley-Cirillo 
21 Alexander, John  17 Nov 1807Pennsylvania, United States I77 Riley-Cirillo 
22 Alexander, Julia  Pennsylvania, United States I108 Riley-Cirillo 
23 Alexander, Julia  Nov 1840Pennsylvania, United States I117 Riley-Cirillo 
24 Alexander, Louetta  17 Nov 1866Pennsylvania, United States I161 Riley-Cirillo 
25 Alexander, Maurice W.  1900Pennsylvania, United States I258 Riley-Cirillo 
26 Alexander, Maurice Wilson  1870Pennsylvania, United States I159 Riley-Cirillo 
27 Alexander, Raymond C.  1908Pennsylvania, United States I260 Riley-Cirillo 
28 Alexander, Ruth Anna  1879Pennsylvania, United States I157 Riley-Cirillo 
29 Alexander, Susanah  15 Jan 1835Pennsylvania, United States I38 Riley-Cirillo 
30 Alexander, Walter Channing  Abt 1866Pennsylvania, United States I162 Riley-Cirillo 
31 Alloway, Rebeca  1805Pennsylvania, United States I805 Stonehocker 
32 Anderson, Earl Blaine  1915Pennsylvania, United States I408 Belliston-Anderson 
33 Anderson, Elizabeth  1781Pennsylvania, United States I1398 Stonehocker 
34 Anderson, Ida Louise  Abt 1926Pennsylvania, United States I405 Belliston-Anderson 
35 Anderson, James  Abt 1802Pennsylvania, United States I360 Bickmore - Anderson 
36 Ann, Lydia  Abt 1830Pennsylvania, United States I9322 Wagner-Thomas 
37 Anthony, Hannah Jane  Dec 1849Pennsylvania, United States I10716 Wagner-Thomas 
38 Armstrong, Martha Jane  Apr 1848Pennsylvania, United States I338 Stonehocker 
39 Atkinson, Edward A.  Jun 1867Pennsylvania, United States I277 Riley-Cirillo 
40 Bauer, Chester H.  4 Nov 1907Pennsylvania, United States I46 Riley-Cirillo 
41 Bauer, Claire  Pennsylvania, United States I139 Riley-Cirillo 
42 Bauer, Donald J  1929Pennsylvania, United States I144 Riley-Cirillo 
43 Bauer, George H.  16 Aug 1905Pennsylvania, United States I45 Riley-Cirillo 
44 Bauer, Karl  Pennsylvania, United States I137 Riley-Cirillo 
45 Bauer, Karl Jacob  1 Jan 1899Pennsylvania, United States I43 Riley-Cirillo 
46 Bauer, Kenneth  Pennsylvania, United States I136 Riley-Cirillo 
47 Bauer, Mary  28 Apr 1903Pennsylvania, United States I44 Riley-Cirillo 
48 Bauer, Mary Ellen  Pennsylvania, United States I138 Riley-Cirillo 
49 Bauer, Olive Viola  9 Aug 1912Pennsylvania, United States I47 Riley-Cirillo 
50 Bauer, Sarah Kathryn  15 Aug 1896Pennsylvania, United States I42 Riley-Cirillo 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christiana  15 Apr 1857Pennsylvania, United States I7572 Wagner-Thomas 
2 Alexander, Isaac  14 Feb 1908Pennsylvania, United States I114 Riley-Cirillo 
3 Alexander, John  22 Jan 1879Pennsylvania, United States I77 Riley-Cirillo 
4 Bauer, George H.  22 Nov 1960Pennsylvania, United States I45 Riley-Cirillo 
5 Bauer, Horace Kenzer  22 Aug 1990Pennsylvania, United States I140 Riley-Cirillo 
6 Bauer, Mary  2 Sep 1994Pennsylvania, United States I44 Riley-Cirillo 
7 Booth, Joseph Earl  1 Jan 1962Pennsylvania, United States I246 Riley-Cirillo 
8 Campbell, Joel Sr  After 1819Pennsylvania, United States I5220 Speirs-Taylor 
9 Carlson, Antonius  Bef 1900Pennsylvania, United States I427 Belliston-Anderson 
10 Carlson, Peter Hilding  15 Aug 1892Pennsylvania, United States I426 Belliston-Anderson 
11 Chrisman, Jane Elizabeth  1930Pennsylvania, United States I3907 Bird-Metcalf 
12 Cochran, Augustus  13 Jan 1904Pennsylvania, United States I686 Speirs-Taylor 
13 Cochran, Henry  28 Feb 1903Pennsylvania, United States I687 Speirs-Taylor 
14 Dowlin, Eugene  1884Pennsylvania, United States I3917 Bird-Metcalf 
15 Dowlin, George F  1909Pennsylvania, United States I3906 Bird-Metcalf 
16 Dowlin, John  Aug 1852Pennsylvania, United States I3905 Bird-Metcalf 
17 Dowlin, Norris  4 Oct 1876Pennsylvania, United States I3904 Bird-Metcalf 
18 Dowlin, William  1892Pennsylvania, United States I3903 Bird-Metcalf 
19 Eveland, Effie Viola  1946Pennsylvania, United States I7554 Wagner-Thomas 
20 Gaenssel, Johann Adam  Pennsylvania, United States I8356 Wagner-Thomas 
21 Gavitt, Lee R  Aug 1946Pennsylvania, United States I9306 Wagner-Thomas 
22 Hansen, Jennifer Gray  22 Oct 1949Pennsylvania, United States I2748 Wagner-Thomas 
23 Horner, Jacob  28 Jul 1842Pennsylvania, United States I3394 Wagner-Thomas 
24 Horner, John  Mar 1814Pennsylvania, United States I3391 Wagner-Thomas 
25 Hosler, Jacob  Abt 1851Pennsylvania, United States I7461 Wagner-Thomas 
26 Hutton, Keziah  6 May 1838Pennsylvania, United States I1021 Stonehocker 
27 Jolley, Alfred Jackson  Bef 1867Pennsylvania, United States I9000 Wagner-Thomas 
28 Longenberger  10 Apr 1852Pennsylvania, United States I8494 Wagner-Thomas 
29 McCoy, Sarah  13 Feb 1885Pennsylvania, United States I78 Riley-Cirillo 
30 Michael, Amanda  2 Nov 1861Pennsylvania, United States I8017 Wagner-Thomas 
31 Michael, Edward S  1898Pennsylvania, United States I8032 Wagner-Thomas 
32 Michael, Harry Manassah  27 Sep 1938Pennsylvania, United States I7549 Wagner-Thomas 
33 Michael, Jeremiah  21 May 1866Pennsylvania, United States I8018 Wagner-Thomas 
34 Michael, Jeremiah  7 Jan 1870Pennsylvania, United States I8031 Wagner-Thomas 
35 Michael, Rossannah  2 Jan 1876Pennsylvania, United States I8033 Wagner-Thomas 
36 Miller, Lewis  5 Sep 1885Pennsylvania, United States I727 Stonehocker 
37 Riley, Sarah  27 Aug 1870Pennsylvania, United States I60 Riley-Cirillo 
38 Schenkel, Elizabeth  1 Nov 1915Pennsylvania, United States I1478 Speirs-Taylor 
39 Strickland, A Aurelia  11 Nov 1898Pennsylvania, United States I3418 Bird-Metcalf 
40 Walker, Samuel L  23 Feb 1893Pennsylvania, United States I3827 Bird-Metcalf 
41 Welchons, Ruth  Feb 1985Pennsylvania, United States I493 Belliston-Anderson 
42 Williamson, Rebecca Catherine  1862Pennsylvania, United States I842 Bird-Metcalf 
43 Wollerton, Mary E  Apr 1880Pennsylvania, United States I3786 Bird-Metcalf 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barrett, Dorothy Rosalie  Pennsylvania, United States I10 Biggs-Barrett 
2 Hosler, Jacob  Abt 1851Pennsylvania, United States I7461 Wagner-Thomas 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bauer, Charlotte P  Pennsylvania, United States I48 Riley-Cirillo 
2 Bauer, Karl Jacob  Pennsylvania, United States I43 Riley-Cirillo 
3 Booth, William H  Pennsylvania, United States I88 Riley-Cirillo 
4 Ewing, Edward Paul  Pennsylvania, United States I152 Riley-Cirillo 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Williamson  Aug 1862Pennsylvania, United States F392 Bird-Metcalf 
2 Anderson / Carlson  Abt 1918Pennsylvania, United States F37 Belliston-Anderson 
3 Bringhurst / Kearn  Abt 1838Pennsylvania, United States F313 Bird-Metcalf 
4 Bringhurst / Ryan  28 Apr 1818Pennsylvania, United States F402 Bird-Metcalf 
5 Bringhurst / Williamson  Aug 1862Pennsylvania, United States F309 Bird-Metcalf 
6 Clark / Baker  Abt 1882Pennsylvania, United States F806 Muse-Nagy 
7 Evans / Rittenhouse  26 Apr 1763Pennsylvania, United States F1607 Bird-Metcalf 
8 Gavitt / Horn  18 Jan 1885Pennsylvania, United States F2619 Wagner-Thomas 
9 Gavitt / Thelma  Abt 1920Pennsylvania, United States F2638 Wagner-Thomas 
10 Gensel / Search  1844Pennsylvania, United States F2315 Wagner-Thomas 
11 Gilroy / Cummings  1881Pennsylvania, United States F6 Sameck-Gilroy 
12 Grow / Riter  1804Pennsylvania, United States F2078 Wagner-Thomas 
13 Hallowell / Thomas  Abt 1832Pennsylvania, United States F67 Sameck-Gilroy 
14 Hastings / Riley  1915Pennsylvania, United States F13 Riley-Cirillo 
15 Hauck / Michael  Abt 1835Pennsylvania, United States F2146 Wagner-Thomas 
16 Hontz / Michael  Abt 1853Pennsylvania, United States F2148 Wagner-Thomas 
17 Hosler / Gensel  Abt 1832Pennsylvania, United States F2117 Wagner-Thomas 
18 Jolley / Hindergardener  1846Pennsylvania, United States F2531 Wagner-Thomas 
19 Klingaman / Michael  Bef 1821Pennsylvania, United States F2356 Wagner-Thomas 
20 Lee / Records  <1800>Pennsylvania, United States F347 Staples-Record 
21 Lichty / Miller  1848Pennsylvania, United States F25 Jessup-Cook Branch 
22 Lichty / Myers  1874Pennsylvania, United States F36 Jessup-Cook Branch 
23 Longenberger / Michael  Abt 1850Pennsylvania, United States F2357 Wagner-Thomas 
24 Lowe / A  16 Mar 1876Pennsylvania, United States F2632 Wagner-Thomas 
25 Matthews / Riley  1919Pennsylvania, United States F14 Riley-Cirillo 
26 McManus /   Pennsylvania, United States F1573 Bird-Metcalf 
27 Messenger / E  Abt 1911Pennsylvania, United States F2639 Wagner-Thomas 
28 Michael /   Abt 1787Pennsylvania, United States F2141 Wagner-Thomas 
29 Michael /   Abt 1826Pennsylvania, United States F2174 Wagner-Thomas 
30 Michael / Drums  Abt 1820Pennsylvania, United States F2175 Wagner-Thomas 
31 Michael / Garrison  Abt 1913Pennsylvania, United States F2161 Wagner-Thomas 
32 Michael / Hart  27 Dec 1888Pennsylvania, United States F2293 Wagner-Thomas 
33 Miles / Riley  1928Pennsylvania, United States F16 Riley-Cirillo 
34 Miller / Rombach  Abt 1850Pennsylvania, United States F2361 Wagner-Thomas 
35 Nungesser / Michael  Bef 1820Pennsylvania, United States F2354 Wagner-Thomas 
36 Oviatt / Whitlock  1 Feb 1853Pennsylvania, United States F88 Hall-Rogers 
37 Ramsey / Fletcher  Pennsylvania, United States F1572 Bird-Metcalf 
38 Rogers / Whitlock  1 Feb 1853Pennsylvania, United States F62 Hall-Rogers 
39 Sanders / Yoder  1852Pennsylvania, United States F453 Stonehocker 
40 Stout / Michael  Abt 1912Pennsylvania, United States F2160 Wagner-Thomas 
41 Thomas / Shultz  About 1777Pennsylvania, United States F905 Staples-Record 
42 Vargason / Weed  1909Pennsylvania, United States F62 Belliston-Anderson 
43 Walton / Hosler  22 Sep 1855Pennsylvania, United States F2130 Wagner-Thomas 
44 Welsh / Michael  Abt 1906Pennsylvania, United States F2288 Wagner-Thomas