Pendleton, Virginia, United States



Latitude: 37.9947194, Longitude: -77.8983306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bodkin, Delilah  1797 (1850 ae 53)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4103 My Family Tree 
2 Bodkin, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4105 My Family Tree 
3 Bodkin, Elizabeth  Abt 1812Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4079 My Family Tree 
4 Bodkin, Harvey  1861Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4088 My Family Tree 
5 Bodkin, Jane  Abt 1810Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4078 My Family Tree 
6 Bodkin, John III  1803 (1850 ae 47)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3751 My Family Tree 
7 Bodkin, John III  1803 (1850 ae 47)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4058 My Family Tree 
8 Bodkin, John  1867Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4090 My Family Tree 
9 Bodkin, Joseph  1805 (1850 ae 45)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4075 My Family Tree 
10 Bodkin, Joshua  1808 (1850 ae 42)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4077 My Family Tree 
11 Bodkin, Letitia (Letty)  Abt 1809Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4080 My Family Tree 
12 Bodkin, Margaret  1820Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4081 My Family Tree 
13 Bodkin, Mrs. Elizabeth  Abt 1712Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4062 My Family Tree 
14 Bodkin, Richard Jr.  Abt 1748Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4066 My Family Tree 
15 Bodkin, Samuel  1807 (1850 ae 43)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4076 My Family Tree 
16 Bodkin, Sebastian Sidney  15 Apr 1843Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4085 My Family Tree 
17 Bodkin, Susannah J.  22 Jul 1852Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4091 My Family Tree 
18 Bodkin, William  Abt 1761Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4107 My Family Tree 
19 Bodkin, William  Abt 1799Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4074 My Family Tree 
20 Bodkin, William A.  1855Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4089 My Family Tree 
21 Crummett, George  1787Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3747 My Family Tree 
22 Crummett, Sarah  1859 (1860 ae 1)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4096 My Family Tree 
23 Eye, William  Abt 1809Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4084 My Family Tree 
24 Hicklin, Dinah  Abt 1748Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4067 My Family Tree 
25 Hiner, Elizabeth  4 Oct 1793Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3748 My Family Tree 
26 Hiner, Joseph Twin  22 Nov 1778Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3745 My Family Tree 
27 Hiner, Sarah  29 Dec 1805Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3749 My Family Tree 
28 Jordan, Andrew  Abt 1741Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4055 My Family Tree 
29 Jordan, Jane  1753Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4054 My Family Tree 
30 Propst, Barbara  1817Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4083 My Family Tree 
31 Sims, Ida May  Abt 1849Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4094 My Family Tree 
32 Smith, Sarah  1816Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3765 My Family Tree 
33 Vint, Cynthia  Abt 1780Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4108 My Family Tree 
34 Vint, Elizabeth  Abt 1775Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4052 My Family Tree 
35 Vint, Jane  Abt 1784Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4109 My Family Tree 
36 Vint, John  1792 (1850 ae 58)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4102 My Family Tree 
37 Vint, Margaret  1788Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4110 My Family Tree 
38 Vint, William  Abt 1750Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4053 My Family Tree 
39 Vint, William  1786Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4104 My Family Tree 
40 Wilfong, Barbara  1814 (1850 ae 36)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4082 My Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armstrong, John Morgan Lt.  Abt 1821Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3755 My Family Tree 
2 Armstrong, Laura Catherine Armstrong  29 Jul 1930Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4285 My Family Tree 
3 Armstrong, William  1816Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3754 My Family Tree 
4 Bodkin, John Sr.  will prob 4 July 1791Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4059 My Family Tree 
5 Ervine, Agnes 'Nancy Ann'  1821Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3732 My Family Tree 
6 Hiner, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1819Pendleton, Virginia, United States I3748 My Family Tree 
7 Jordan, Andrew  4 Aug 1818Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4055 My Family Tree 
8 Vint, William  will ( 15 Sep 1821)Pendleton, Virginia, United States I4053 My Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Armstrong / Hiner  8 Apr 1819Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1455 My Family Tree 
2 Armstrong / Hiner  1 May 1824Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1457 My Family Tree 
3 Armstrong / Parrett  4 Jan 1805Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1449 My Family Tree 
4 Armstrong / Smith  1 Jan 1836Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1456 My Family Tree 
5 Bodkin / Armstrong  2 Feb 1826Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1459 My Family Tree 
6 Bodkin / Armstrong  2 Feb 1826Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1599 My Family Tree 
7 Bodkin / Bodkin  Abt 1836Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1607 My Family Tree 
8 Bodkin / Hicklin  Abt 1767Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1602 My Family Tree 
9 Bodkin / Propst  7 May 1835Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1609 My Family Tree 
10 Bodkin / Vint  13 Dec 1796Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1595 My Family Tree 
11 Bodkin / Wilfong  12 Feb 1835Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1608 My Family Tree 
12 Crummett / Armstrong  Abt 1817Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1454 My Family Tree 
13 Eye / Bodkin  15 Apr 1840Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1610 My Family Tree 
14 Jordan / Bodkin  Abt 1764Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1598 My Family Tree 
15 Vint / Bodkin  Abt 1809Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1619 My Family Tree 
16 Vint / Bodkin  8 Mar 1814Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1620 My Family Tree 
17 Vint / Jordan  Abt 1775Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1597 My Family Tree 
18 Vint / Salmons  9 Nov 1837Pendleton, Virginia, United States F1621 My Family Tree