New York, United States



Latitude: 43.0002806, Longitude: -75.5002806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adelia  Abt 1834New York, United States I9292 Wagner-Thomas 
2 Almira R  Abt 1822New York, United States I1284 Muse-Nagy 
3 Betsy  1823New York, United States I339 Edwards-Fordham 
4 Catherine  Sep 1860New York, United States I281 Sameck-Gilroy 
5 Hannah  1830New York, United States I340 Edwards-Fordham 
6 Julia  Aug 1850New York, United States I9357 Wagner-Thomas 
7 Minerva  Abt 1803New York, United States I5232 Speirs-Taylor 
8 Albertis, Aert  Abt 1678New York, United States I831 Staples-Record 
9 Aldrich, Luther  Aug 1865New York, United States I9360 Wagner-Thomas 
10 Aldrich, Mildred  Oct 1899New York, United States I9361 Wagner-Thomas 
11 Baillet, Elizabeth  Nov 1866New York, United States I6 Meakem 
12 Baillet, Henry  Abt 1865New York, United States I186 Meakem 
13 Baillet, Henry Jr  Abt 1929New York, United States I160 Meakem 
14 Baillet, Jean Marie  Abt 1927New York, United States I159 Meakem 
15 Baillet, Maggie  Abt 1869New York, United States I191 Meakem 
16 Baillet, Mary  Oct 1864New York, United States I3 Meakem 
17 Baillet, Mary  Abt 1878New York, United States I187 Meakem 
18 Baillet, Philip J.  28 Sep 1862New York, United States I60 Meakem 
19 Barnum, Mahala E  Dec 1824New York, United States I202 Belliston-Anderson 
20 Beetow, Albert  Abt 1880New York, United States I17 Beetow 
21 Beetow, Dorothea "Dora"  Abt 1875New York, United States I15 Beetow 
22 Bennet, Ester  1762New York, United States I5684 My Family Tree 
23 Bettes, Ethel M  Abt 1898New York, United States I850 Wagner-Thomas 
24 Bordas, Clair  Jan 1866New York, United States I19 Meakem 
25 Branch, Edwin  1825New York, United States I320 Edwards-Fordham 
26 Brogan, Harry  Dec 1893New York, United States I77 Meakem 
27 Brogan, William  May 1894New York, United States I95 Meakem 
28 Bruckner, Albert  Dec 1861New York, United States I161 Meakem 
29 Bruckner, Albert  Dec 1887New York, United States I167 Meakem 
30 Bruckner, Elliott  Apr 1893New York, United States I169 Meakem 
31 Bruckner, William  Oct 1890New York, United States I168 Meakem 
32 Buttlar, Florence  Dec 1872New York, United States I249 Meakem 
33 Campbell, James J  Jan 1857New York, United States I172 Meakem 
34 Cheney, Benjamin  Abt 1816New York, United States I9314 Wagner-Thomas 
35 Coffin, Elizabeth  Abt 1802New York, United States I5030 Speirs-Taylor 
36 Conklin, R Albert  Oct 1845New York, United States I9341 Wagner-Thomas 
37 Cooley, John Alden  Aug 1831New York, United States I15 Hughes-Cooley 
38 Cornwell, Josephus Darling  Abt 1835New York, United States I5359 Speirs-Taylor 
39 Cornwell, Lemuel  Abt 1799New York, United States I5348 Speirs-Taylor 
40 Crooks, Ellen "Ella"  Abt 1866New York, United States I109 Meakem 
41 Crooks, Emma  11 May 1868New York, United States I61 Meakem 
42 Crooks, John William  Jul 1863New York, United States I110 Meakem 
43 Devinney, James M  Jun 1837New York, United States I120 Dee-Crawford 
44 Dowen, Francis  Abt 24 May 1776New York, United States I374 Bickmore - Anderson 
45 Dowen, Jeremiah  Abt 1822New York, United States I188 Bickmore - Anderson 
46 Dowen, Levi  Abt 1827New York, United States I190 Bickmore - Anderson 
47 Doyle, Floyd  Abt 1890New York, United States I5437 Wagner-Thomas 
48 Drake, Emma B.  New York, United States I419 Sameck-Gilroy 
49 Dusenberry, Albert Alonzo  28 Mar 1840New York, United States I356 Bickmore - Anderson 
50 Eastman, Viola Frances  Abt 1901New York, United States I203 Semon-Amburn 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baillet, Elizabeth  1926New York, United States I6 Meakem 
2 Barnum, Lyman  20 Feb 1865New York, United States I210 Belliston-Anderson 
3 Crandall, Esther  1806New York, United States I10821 Wagner-Thomas 
4 Croll, Dorothy Mae  28 Jun 1996New York, United States I8268 Wagner-Thomas 
5 Durocher, Helen M  7 Nov 1990New York, United States I62 Sameck-Gilroy 
6 Evertse, Dirck  1685New York, United States I71 Oothoudt-Coats 
7 Hart, Charity  CA 1817New York, United States I44 Oothoudt-Coats 
8 Higgins, Reuben  1870New York, United States I47 Gurr-Barker 
9 Hochadel, Elizabeth  1958New York, United States I217 Sameck-Gilroy 
10 Oothoudt, Alice Belinda  8 May 1852New York, United States I38 Oothoudt-Coats 
11 Oothoudt, Jan (Johannes)  5 Feb 1745New York, United States I49 Oothoudt-Coats 
12 Semon, Vernon  Abt 1946New York, United States I399 Semon-Amburn 
13 Thomas, James Nash  2 Sep 1867New York, United States I87 Wagner-Thomas 
14 Young, Nabby  1804 OR 1807New York, United States I267 Speirs-Taylor 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mowbray, Lura  1 Sep 1930New York, United States I34 Hughes-Cooley 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baillet / Crooks  Abt 1890New York, United States F18 Meakem 
2 Campbell / Holcumb  5 Apr 1786New York, United States F1331 Speirs-Taylor 
3 Glassman / Berger  Between 1865-1870New York, United States F6 Beetow 
4 Greene / Young  11 Feb 1813New York, United States F355 Speirs-Taylor 
5 Hastings / Hamond  Bef 1839New York, United States F2 Hastings 
6 Helmer /   Abt. 1802New York, United States F2016 My Family Tree 
7 Huxtable / Mason  Abt 1928New York, United States F86 Belliston-Anderson 
8 Oothoudt / Coats  4 Nov 1849New York, United States F6 Oothoudt-Coats 
9 Rawson / Strong  1 Sep 1796New York, United States F661 Wagner-Thomas 
10 Roskey / Nelig  1875New York, United States F50 Sameck-Gilroy 
11 Rubeck /   Bef 1880New York, United States F95 Sameck-Gilroy 
12 Smith / Barringer  Abt 1864New York, United States F21 Bickmore - Anderson 
13 Thompson / Smith  Abt 1840New York, United States F85 Bickmore - Anderson 
14 van der Zee / Lansing  1667New York, United States F24 Oothoudt-Coats