Missouri, United States



Latitude: 38.2502806, Longitude: -92.5002806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goldie  Abt 1896Missouri, United States I9223 Wagner-Thomas 
2 Gracia  Sep 1869Missouri, United States I5106 Wagner-Thomas 
3 Hannah  Abt 1843Missouri, United States I8636 Wagner-Thomas 
4 Laura B  Nov 1871Missouri, United States I5125 Wagner-Thomas 
5 Lura D  Aug 1857Missouri, United States I5115 Wagner-Thomas 
6 Mary G  May 1880Missouri, United States I5124 Wagner-Thomas 
7 Nancy C  Abt 1846Missouri, United States I5182 Wagner-Thomas 
8 Sarah F  Jul 1858Missouri, United States I328 Jackman-Johnson 
9 A, Martha  Abt 1843Missouri, United States I8437 Wagner-Thomas 
10 Allen, Jake W  Abt 1895Missouri, United States I163 Wagner-Thomas 
11 Allenbaugh, James  Abt 1876Missouri, United States I5126 Speirs-Taylor 
12 Applegate, James Lindsay  3 Sep 1836Missouri, United States I5051 Wagner-Thomas 
13 Arthurs, Emma C  Abt 1895Missouri, United States I10667 Wagner-Thomas 
14 Arthurs, Flossie  Mar 1886Missouri, United States I5915 Wagner-Thomas 
15 Arthurs, William A  Aug 1892Missouri, United States I5916 Wagner-Thomas 
16 Bailey  1922Missouri, United States I5779 Wagner-Thomas 
17 Bailey, Clara Alice  8 Dec 1874Missouri, United States I5277 Wagner-Thomas 
18 Bales  Abt 1909Missouri, United States I6297 Wagner-Thomas 
19 Bales, Edgar Leroy  Jan 1883Missouri, United States I3338 Wagner-Thomas 
20 Barker, Pearl E  Abt 1892Missouri, United States I9232 Wagner-Thomas 
21 Belcher, John Hardy  20 Jul 1834Missouri, United States I5268 Wagner-Thomas 
22 Belcher, Malinda  Abt 1874Missouri, United States I9052 Wagner-Thomas 
23 Belmer, Louis L.  13 Feb 1906Missouri, United States I720 Semon-Amburn 
24 Boss, Sarah C  Abt 1845Missouri, United States I5022 Speirs-Taylor 
25 Botts, Clifford  Abt 1891Missouri, United States I10370 Wagner-Thomas 
26 Botts, W Leonard  Abt 1857Missouri, United States I10369 Wagner-Thomas 
27 Brassfield, Eliza F  Abt 1840Missouri, United States I5266 Wagner-Thomas 
28 Brown, Katherine Marie  1899Missouri, United States I114 Robinson-Jochen 
29 Brown, Thomas K  Abt 1879Missouri, United States I9021 Wagner-Thomas 
30 Broyles, Aaron  Nov 1882Missouri, United States I10608 Wagner-Thomas 
31 Broyles, Ada  Aug 1879Missouri, United States I10605 Wagner-Thomas 
32 Broyles, Cordia  May 1885Missouri, United States I10606 Wagner-Thomas 
33 Broyles, Mary E  Aug 1887Missouri, United States I10607 Wagner-Thomas 
34 Broyles, Walter  Abt 1878Missouri, United States I10604 Wagner-Thomas 
35 Brumbaugh, Gracie A  2 Feb 1886Missouri, United States I3283 Wagner-Thomas 
36 Brunt, Harriett  Abt 1827Missouri, United States I8558 Wagner-Thomas 
37 Burwell, Dora  Abt 1880Missouri, United States I1766 Wagner-Thomas 
38 Campbell, Jesse W  Abt 1860Missouri, United States I5218 Speirs-Taylor 
39 Cassity, Blanch  Apr 1899Missouri, United States I9263 Wagner-Thomas 
40 Cassity, Clara E  Jan 1896Missouri, United States I9262 Wagner-Thomas 
41 Cassity, Edgar  Dec 1893Missouri, United States I9261 Wagner-Thomas 
42 Cassity, Emma  Aug 1892Missouri, United States I9260 Wagner-Thomas 
43 Cassity, Isaac N  Jun 1863Missouri, United States I9257 Wagner-Thomas 
44 Cassity, Nellie  Jul 1887Missouri, United States I9259 Wagner-Thomas 
45 Cassity, Opal  Nov 1886Missouri, United States I9258 Wagner-Thomas 
46 Cassity, Orvil W  Abt 1903Missouri, United States I9264 Wagner-Thomas 
47 Chapman, Violet  23 Jul 1820Missouri, United States I2436 Wagner-Thomas 
48 Christy, Zela Eloise  31 Jul 1926Missouri, United States I4582 Wagner-Thomas 
49 Clark, John A.  Abt 1897Missouri, United States I764 Semon-Amburn 
50 Clem, Centennial  Mar 1876Missouri, United States I6233 Wagner-Thomas 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nancy  Missouri, United States I584 Staples-Record 
2 Atkins, Florence Ara  Oct 1922Missouri, United States I4989 Wagner-Thomas 
3 Atkins, Ned Von  19 Jul 1917Missouri, United States I4988 Wagner-Thomas 
4 Bailey  1922Missouri, United States I5779 Wagner-Thomas 
5 Bails, William Cassie  Abt 1904Missouri, United States I3343 Wagner-Thomas 
6 Bales  Abt 1909Missouri, United States I6297 Wagner-Thomas 
7 Brumbaugh, Darcas Rebecca Jane  18 May 1892Missouri, United States I1866 Wagner-Thomas 
8 Crane, Dorothy D  1998Missouri, United States I9028 Wagner-Thomas 
9 Eads, Rebecca Jane  16 Jan 1844Missouri, United States I2079 Wagner-Thomas 
10 Fields, Margaret Jane  20 Aug 1869Missouri, United States I5736 Wagner-Thomas 
11 Fields, Virginia Belle  7 Apr 1890Missouri, United States I5740 Wagner-Thomas 
12 Gibbs, Hannah Adeline  8 Jul 1914Missouri, United States I6380 Wagner-Thomas 
13 Goser, Paul  19 Nov 1889Missouri, United States I450 Wagner-Thomas 
14 Hicks, Ruben Jasper  9 Mar 1914Missouri, United States I9486 Wagner-Thomas 
15 Lawrence, Anna Agnes  31 May 1926Missouri, United States I1136 Stonehocker 
16 McArthur, Emeline Janet  6 Jul 1850Missouri, United States I756 Bird-Metcalf 
17 McClelland, Hester  Abt 1872Missouri, United States I10362 Wagner-Thomas 
18 Myers, Coloman  9 Oct 1876Missouri, United States I10622 Wagner-Thomas 
19 Myers, John H  19 Aug 1873Missouri, United States I10620 Wagner-Thomas 
20 Myers, William  1869Missouri, United States I10617 Wagner-Thomas 
21 Shields, Amanda  Missouri, United States I325 Stonehocker 
22 Smith  16 Jul 1882Missouri, United States I6042 Wagner-Thomas 
23 Smith, James Marion  23 Aug 1943Missouri, United States I5261 Wagner-Thomas 
24 Stonehocker, Robert B.  Abt 1892Missouri, United States I125 Stonehocker 
25 Swisegood, Charles  Abt 1904Missouri, United States I8155 Wagner-Thomas 
26 Swisegood, Child  Abt 1907Missouri, United States I8157 Wagner-Thomas 
27 Thurlo, Albert Price  29 Jun 1964Missouri, United States I4489 Wagner-Thomas 
28 Thurlo, Ella Josephine  1947Missouri, United States I4388 Wagner-Thomas 
29 Urban, Albert  9 Oct 1872Missouri, United States I445 Wagner-Thomas 
30 Urban, Ehrhardt E  17 Jul 1870Missouri, United States I444 Wagner-Thomas 
31 Urban, Heinrich  7 Jul 1874Missouri, United States I446 Wagner-Thomas 
32 Wagner, Cunigunda  Bef 1900Missouri, United States I79 Wagner-Thomas 
33 Wagner, Lorenz Conrad  Jan 1964Missouri, United States I173 Wagner-Thomas 
34 Walkup, John  22 Apr 1901Missouri, United States I5251 Wagner-Thomas 
35 Walkup, William Riley  Bef Jul 1850Missouri, United States I5252 Wagner-Thomas 
36 Wasson, Sue E  2 Feb 1992Missouri, United States I1697 Wagner-Thomas 
37 Weese, William  1862Missouri, United States I1454 Stonehocker 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bails, William Cassie  Abt 1904Missouri, United States I3343 Wagner-Thomas 
2 Bales  Abt 1909Missouri, United States I6297 Wagner-Thomas 
3 Christensen, Ane Marie  Missouri, United States I326 Petersen-Cahoon 
4 Eads, Rebecca Jane  Jan 1844Missouri, United States I2079 Wagner-Thomas 
5 Fields, Wayne Banion  Mar 1932Missouri, United States I6136 Wagner-Thomas 
6 Gibbs, Hannah Adeline  Jul 1914Missouri, United States I6380 Wagner-Thomas 
7 Myers, John H  Aug 1873Missouri, United States I10620 Wagner-Thomas 
8 Swisegood, Charles  Abt 1904Missouri, United States I8155 Wagner-Thomas 
9 Swisegood, Child  Abt 1907Missouri, United States I8157 Wagner-Thomas 
10 Thurlo, Albert Price  1964Missouri, United States I4489 Wagner-Thomas 
11 Walkup, William Riley  Bef Jul 1850Missouri, United States I5252 Wagner-Thomas 
12 Williams, Anna Runa  Feb 1948Missouri, United States I5001 Wagner-Thomas 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allenbaugh / Giggey  Abt 1902Missouri, United States F698 Speirs-Taylor 
2 Applegate / Burch  21 Jul 1857Missouri, United States F3080 Wagner-Thomas 
3 Atkins / Young  1867Missouri, United States F794 Speirs-Taylor 
4 Bailey / Smith  Abt 1834Missouri, United States F1726 Wagner-Thomas 
5 Botts / Jacobs  Abt 1890Missouri, United States F2945 Wagner-Thomas 
6 Burwell / Williams  20 Jan 1907Missouri, United States F1658 Wagner-Thomas 
7 Coffey / Doyal  11 Oct 1866Missouri, United States F101 Jackman-Johnson 
8 Fuller / Johnson  Abt 1926Missouri, United States F2585 Wagner-Thomas 
9 Highley / Thurlo  5 Mar 1947Missouri, United States F1796 Wagner-Thomas 
10 Johnson / Scott  20 Oct 1859Missouri, United States F1730 Wagner-Thomas 
11 Kirby / Bales  Abt 1910Missouri, United States F1174 Wagner-Thomas 
12 Lantz / Lay  Abt 1889Missouri, United States F2941 Wagner-Thomas 
13 Miller / Bailey  15 Feb 1894Missouri, United States F1751 Wagner-Thomas 
14 Peninger / Rinker  21 Jun 1836Missouri, United States F99 Wagner-Thomas 
15 Prather / Logan  6 Aug 1922Missouri, United States F1674 Wagner-Thomas 
16 Pulliam /   Abt 1863Missouri, United States F1694 Wagner-Thomas 
17 Sayers / Prather  14 Mar 1907Missouri, United States F1673 Wagner-Thomas 
18 Taylor / Kenley  7 Nov 1928Missouri, United States F2950 Wagner-Thomas 
19 Thurlo / Bailey  4 Feb 1897Missouri, United States F1750 Wagner-Thomas 
20 Thurlo / Moore  Abt 1920Missouri, United States F1755 Wagner-Thomas 
21 Tracy / Frazell  Abt 1915Missouri, United States F2524 Wagner-Thomas 
22 Weese / Cole  1843Missouri, United States F507 Stonehocker 
23 Wilson / Belcher  17 Feb 1856Missouri, United States F923 My Family Tree 
24 Young / Stump  Missouri, United States F795 Speirs-Taylor