London, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bringhurst, John  1 Nov 1655London, Middlesex, England I1820 Bird-Metcalf 
2 Bringhurst, John  25 Feb 1691London, Middlesex, England I1450 Bird-Metcalf 
3 Burley, Thomas  Abt 1588London, Middlesex, England I2455 James Henry Martineau 
4 Claypoole  1673London, Middlesex, England I2348 Bird-Metcalf 
5 Claypoole, Elizabeth  25 May 1678London, Middlesex, England I2352 Bird-Metcalf 
6 Claypoole, George  14 Nov 1674London, Middlesex, England I2349 Bird-Metcalf 
7 Claypoole, Helen  9 Jun 1662London, Middlesex, England I2341 Bird-Metcalf 
8 Claypoole, James  12 Jun 1664London, Middlesex, England I2342 Bird-Metcalf 
9 Claypoole, Joseph  29 Jan 1676London, Middlesex, England I2350 Bird-Metcalf 
10 Claypoole, Joseph  14 May 1677London, Middlesex, England I2351 Bird-Metcalf 
11 Claypoole, Josiah  9 Sep 1669London, Middlesex, England I2345 Bird-Metcalf 
12 Claypoole, Mary  14 Aug 1660London, Middlesex, England I2340 Bird-Metcalf 
13 Claypoole, Nathaniel  23 Jul 1668London, Middlesex, England I2344 Bird-Metcalf 
14 Claypoole, Nathaniel  4 Aug 1672London, Middlesex, England I2347 Bird-Metcalf 
15 Claypoole, Samuel  19 Jan 1670/71London, Middlesex, England I2346 Bird-Metcalf 
16 Dickin, Joan  Abt 1590London, Middlesex, England I2453 James Henry Martineau 
17 Dodington, Margaret  Abt 1594London, Middlesex, England I2454 James Henry Martineau 
18 Harper, Anna  Abt 1589London, Middlesex, England I1880 James Henry Martineau 
19 Hughes, Francis David  22 Dec 1838London, Middlesex, England I4513 My Family Tree 
20 Lathrop, Jane  Abt 1588London, Middlesex, England I1869 James Henry Martineau 
21 Meares, Robert  1592London, Middlesex, England I619 James Henry Martineau 
22 Russel, George  Abt 1590London, Middlesex, England I2456 James Henry Martineau 
23 Whitcomb, Anna  1614London, Middlesex, England I1875 James Henry Martineau 
24 Whitcomb, Dorothy  1618London, Middlesex, England I1873 James Henry Martineau 
25 Whitcomb, Edward  1586London, Middlesex, England I2449 James Henry Martineau 
26 Whitcomb, Edward  Abt 1611London, Middlesex, England I1878 James Henry Martineau 
27 Whitcomb, Elizabeth  1616London, Middlesex, England I1874 James Henry Martineau 
28 Whitcomb, Frances  Abt 1623London, Middlesex, England I1871 James Henry Martineau 
29 Whitcomb, Francis Pigott  1582London, Middlesex, England I1876 James Henry Martineau 
30 Whitcomb, John  Abt 1589London, Middlesex, England I1881 James Henry Martineau 
31 Whitcomb, John  1608London, Middlesex, England I2440 James Henry Martineau 
32 Whitcomb, Martha  1593London, Middlesex, England I2452 James Henry Martineau 
33 Whitcomb, Peter  1590London, Middlesex, England I2450 James Henry Martineau 
34 Whitcomb, Robert  1610London, Middlesex, England I1877 James Henry Martineau 
35 Whitcomb, Sarah  1620London, Middlesex, England I1872 James Henry Martineau 
36 Whitcomb, Susan  1591London, Middlesex, England I2451 James Henry Martineau 
37 Whitcomb, Thomas  1584London, Middlesex, England I2448 James Henry Martineau 
38 Whitcomb, Thomas  Abt 1609London, Middlesex, England I1879 James Henry Martineau 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lathrop/Lothropp, Thomas  21 Feb 1621London, Middlesex, England I1814 Bird-Metcalf 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 House/Howse, Hannah  16 Feb 1633London, Middlesex, England I1789 Bird-Metcalf 
2 Purchase, Sarah  Aft 1641London, Middlesex, England I2420 James Henry Martineau 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rowley, Ellen  24 Nov 1630London, Middlesex, England I2403 James Henry Martineau 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Tyler  Abt 1581London, Middlesex, England F868 James Henry Martineau 
2 Burley / Whitcomb  Abt 1615London, Middlesex, England F865 James Henry Martineau 
3 Russel / Whitcomb  Abt 1615London, Middlesex, England F864 James Henry Martineau 
4 Whitcomb / Dickin  Abt 1611London, Middlesex, England F867 James Henry Martineau 
5 Whitcomb / Dodington  Abt 1619London, Middlesex, England F866 James Henry Martineau 
6 Whitcomb / Harper  1607London, Middlesex, England F870 James Henry Martineau 
7 Whitcomb / Lathrop  Abt 1618London, Middlesex, England F869 James Henry Martineau