Indiana, United States



Latitude: 40.0002806, Longitude: -86.2502806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arney, Catherine  16 Aug 1834Indiana, United States I639 Stonehocker 
2 Arthurs, Lovey J  Aug 1899Indiana, United States I10668 Wagner-Thomas 
3 Ashby, George W  2 Aug 1852Indiana, United States I35 Biggs-Barrett 
4 Barley, Della  1868Indiana, United States I346 Stonehocker 
5 Belser, Jennie June  23 Jun 1860Indiana, United States I671 Stonehocker 
6 Bryan, Floyd R.  10 Nov 1900Indiana, United States I524 Hawk - Parent 
7 Campbell, Joel  Abt 1854Indiana, United States I5216 Speirs-Taylor 
8 Campbell, Reuben K  Abt 1852Indiana, United States I5215 Speirs-Taylor 
9 Childers, Nancy  Indiana, United States I2545 Speirs-Taylor 
10 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth  15 Aug 1872Indiana, United States I436 Stonehocker 
11 Cook, Joseph Harvey  Mar 1856Indiana, United States I2473 Speirs-Taylor 
12 Craven, Frank C.  Feb 1872Indiana, United States I352 Stonehocker 
13 Eidt, Elizabeth M  20 Sep 1854Indiana, United States I243 Sameck-Gilroy 
14 Ephlin, John Horace  Abt 1875Indiana, United States I1242 Hawk - Parent 
15 Fisher, Mary Magdalena or Lena  17 Oct 1855Indiana, United States I192 Bird-Metcalf 
16 Fletcher, James W  1839Indiana, United States I4663 Speirs-Taylor 
17 Fletcher, Marcus Edmond  25 Jan 1876Indiana, United States I4622 Speirs-Taylor 
18 Fletcher, William C  Abt 1836Indiana, United States I4655 Speirs-Taylor 
19 Gonser, James Milan  16 Nov 1876Indiana, United States I1240 Stonehocker 
20 Gonser, Malinda  1862Indiana, United States I1072 Stonehocker 
21 Gonser, Walter  Sep 1880Indiana, United States I1242 Stonehocker 
22 Harris, William E  Abt 1840Indiana, United States I2057 Wagner-Thomas 
23 Hayes, Hyrum  26 Nov 1847Indiana, United States I89 Edwards-Gibbs 
24 Hayes, James Marion  7 Feb 1828Indiana, United States I70 Edwards-Gibbs 
25 Hendrickson, Aaron Riley  27 Apr 1833Indiana, United States I1059 Hawk - Parent 
26 Israel, John Du Bois  Feb 1848Indiana, United States I37 Robinson-Jochen 
27 Ivers, Nancy Jane  1842Indiana, United States I1425 Stonehocker 
28 Ladd, Christopher H.  Sep 1865Indiana, United States I95 Stonehocker 
29 Lowder, Rachel Eleanora  Jul 1844Indiana, United States I205 Hawk - Parent 
30 Mc Natt, Joseph  1844Indiana, United States I1424 Stonehocker 
31 Mc Natt, Marguerite  1850Indiana, United States I1486 Stonehocker 
32 Mc Natt, Martha  1840Indiana, United States I1422 Stonehocker 
33 Mc Natt, Mary A.  1833Indiana, United States I1419 Stonehocker 
34 Mc Natt, William S.  20 Oct 1843Indiana, United States I1423 Stonehocker 
35 Mcculley, Mary Jane  10 Aug 1824Indiana, United States I709 Bird-Metcalf 
36 Mendenhall, Kesiah Agness  14 Jan 1880Indiana, United States I207 Hawk - Parent 
37 Peters, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Indiana, United States I17 Semon-Amburn 
38 Rodgers, Abigail R  20 Nov 1840Indiana, United States I1861 Wagner-Thomas 
39 Rodgers, John W  10 Apr 1842Indiana, United States I6766 Wagner-Thomas 
40 Rodgers, Mary Ellen  24 Dec 1836Indiana, United States I5923 Wagner-Thomas 
41 Rodgers, Phebe Jane  15 Oct 1834Indiana, United States I6765 Wagner-Thomas 
42 Rodgers, Sarah  5 Oct 1832Indiana, United States I6764 Wagner-Thomas 
43 Rodgers, Thomas  20 Nov 1831Indiana, United States I6763 Wagner-Thomas 
44 Rodgers, William  30 Apr 1827Indiana, United States I6791 Wagner-Thomas 
45 Rogers  10 Apr 1826Indiana, United States I7051 Wagner-Thomas 
46 Shuff, Della L.  Mar 1867Indiana, United States I88 Semon-Amburn 
47 Simmonds, John W.  1858Indiana, United States I1147 Hawk - Parent 
48 Wall, Charles A.  1854Indiana, United States I403 Stonehocker 
49 Wall, Henry H.  1862Indiana, United States I1393 Stonehocker 
50 Wall, Wiliam K.  1843Indiana, United States I1368 Stonehocker 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rogers  10 Apr 1826Indiana, United States I7051 Wagner-Thomas 
2 Starbuck, Hepsibah  Indiana, United States I3837 Wagner-Thomas 
3 Van Vleet, Lucinda  Indiana, United States I226 Edwards-Fordham 
4 WEATHERMAN, James Alford  1861Indiana, United States I41 Edwards-Gibbs 
5 Wetherman, John Harvey  1850Indiana, United States I31 Edwards-Gibbs 
6 Wiedenbeck, George  Aft 1920Indiana, United States I214 Sameck-Gilroy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rogers  Apr 1826Indiana, United States I7051 Wagner-Thomas 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashby, Richard W  Abt 1830Indiana, United States I32 Biggs-Barrett 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allison / Arney  1854Indiana, United States F221 Stonehocker 
2 Blackmore / Records  Abt 1799Indiana, United States F339 Staples-Record 
3 Bradie / Weatherman  Abt 1865Indiana, United States F27 Edwards-Gibbs 
4 Cummings / Weatherman  1868Indiana, United States F25 Edwards-Gibbs 
5 Hicks /   22 Dec 1844Indiana, United States F2663 Wagner-Thomas 
6 Lanab / Weatherman  Abt 1873Indiana, United States F22 Edwards-Gibbs 
7 Mendenhall / Lowder  1875Indiana, United States F124 Hawk - Parent