Colorado, United States



Latitude: 39.0002805555556, Longitude: -105.500280555556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Canaday, Bertha  2 Nov 1894Colorado, United States I879 Wagner-Thomas 
2 Fletcher, James O  Feb 1895Colorado, United States I4627 Speirs-Taylor 
3 Fletcher, Leafi  Jun 1897Colorado, United States I4628 Speirs-Taylor 
4 Fletcher, Leonard  Abt 1912Colorado, United States I4641 Speirs-Taylor 
5 Keener, Hazel Pearl  1878Colorado, United States I772 Stonehocker 
6 Klein, Alexander  Sep 1889Colorado, United States I5013 Speirs-Taylor 
7 Klein, Elizabeth Frances  19 Sep 1887Colorado, United States I4637 Speirs-Taylor 
8 Klein, Eugene  Aug 1899Colorado, United States I5014 Speirs-Taylor 
9 Klein, Oscar  Oct 1883Colorado, United States I5012 Speirs-Taylor 
10 Lichty, John Max  27 Jan 1896Colorado, United States I19 Jessup-Cook Branch 
11 May, Charles Devanion  13 Jun 1877Colorado, United States I166 Weibell-Finch 
12 O'Leary, Timothy Daniel  20 Jun 1905Colorado, United States I913 Wagner-Thomas 
13 Stonehocker, Harry E.  1899Colorado, United States I904 Stonehocker 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Neva  21 Dec 1942Colorado, United States I192 Stonehocker 
2 Curtis, John W P  7 Jan 1865Colorado, United States I6322 Wagner-Thomas 
3 England, Henry  14 Feb 1957Colorado, United States I189 Stonehocker 
4 Lamm, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1875Colorado, United States I85 Stonehocker 
5 Metcalf, Levi Gregory  1858Colorado, United States I480 Bird-Metcalf 
6 Stevens, Clifford  8 Nov 1964Colorado, United States I157 Polly-Scorup 
7 Stonebraker, Leatha Irene  19 Feb 1982Colorado, United States I46 Day-Stonebraker 
8 Stonehocker, James Joseph  9 Dec 2004Colorado, United States I376 Stonehocker 
9 Wood, Birdie A.  29 Jul 1956Colorado, United States I183 Stonehocker 
10 Wood, Edith Mae  4 Nov 1966Colorado, United States I184 Stonehocker 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carlson / Polly  1937Colorado, United States F29 Polly-Scorup 
2 Olson / Polly  1920Colorado, United States F28 Polly-Scorup 
3 Smothermon /   5 Dec 1923Colorado, United States F1279 Wagner-Thomas 
4 Stonehocker / McAndrews  1911Colorado, United States F126 Stonehocker 
5 Woolf / Long  1914Colorado, United States F2661 Wagner-Thomas