Bristol, Gloucestershire, England



Latitude: 51.4545130, Longitude: -2.5879100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alloway, Elizabeth  1815Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2685 Muse-Nagy 
2 Alloway, James  Abt 1821Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2690 Muse-Nagy 
3 Alloway, James  22 Oct 1842Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2730 Muse-Nagy 
4 Alloway, Joseph  Abt 1847Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2733 Muse-Nagy 
5 Alloway, Maria Seaburn  11 Feb 1813Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2420 Muse-Nagy 
6 Alloway, Mark  Abt 1782Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2683 Muse-Nagy 
7 Alloway, Mark  1 Aug 1817Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2687 Muse-Nagy 
8 Alloway, Mark  Abt 1844Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2732 Muse-Nagy 
9 Alloway, Mark S  Abt 1862Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2740 Muse-Nagy 
10 Alloway, Mary  Abt 1844Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2731 Muse-Nagy 
11 Alloway, Mary Ann  1820Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2689 Muse-Nagy 
12 Alloway, Mary Ann  Abt 1828Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2692 Muse-Nagy 
13 Alloway, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1858Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2738 Muse-Nagy 
14 Alloway, Thomas  Abt 1849Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2735 Muse-Nagy 
15 Bitton, Caroline  Abt 1820Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2688 Muse-Nagy 
16 Hiller, Harold William  Dec 1898Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I255 Walker 
17 Nott, Maria Seaburn  5 Jan 1845Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2424 Muse-Nagy 
18 Nott, Thomas Henry Sr.  21 Dec 1810Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2419 Muse-Nagy 
19 Nott, Thomas Henry Jr.  6 Dec 1846Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I189 Muse-Nagy 
20 Parry, Elizabeth  Abt 1742Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2707 Muse-Nagy 
21 Parry, Mary  Abt 1738Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2706 Muse-Nagy 
22 Seaburn, James Wood  Abt 1789Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2720 Muse-Nagy 
23 Seaburn, Latisha  Abt 1793Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2725 Muse-Nagy 
24 Seaburn, Maria  Abt 1788Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2722 Muse-Nagy 
25 Seaburn, Susanah Fitchew  1790Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2684 Muse-Nagy 
26 Seaburn, William Hawkswell  Abt 1793Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2724 Muse-Nagy 
27 Seward, William  Abt 1630Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2423 James Henry Martineau 
28 Stanley, Muriel Joyce  Jun 1927Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8 Stanley 
29 Walker, Thomas  29 Oct 1797Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I120 Walker 
30 Warr, Fanny Emma  Mar 1869Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3531 Speirs-Taylor 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hiller, Harold William  4 Dec 1898Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I255 Walker 
2 Nott, Emma Seaburn  2 Feb 1845Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2423 Muse-Nagy 
3 Nott, Maria Seaburn  2 Feb 1845Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2424 Muse-Nagy 
4 Nott, Thomas Henry Jr.  27 Dec 1846Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I189 Muse-Nagy 
5 Parry, Elizabeth  22 Nov 2742Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2707 Muse-Nagy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alloway, James  1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2690 Muse-Nagy 
2 Alloway, Mark  19 Feb 1875Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2687 Muse-Nagy 
3 Alloway, Mary Ann  15 Apr 1824Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2689 Muse-Nagy 
4 Alloway, Samuel Sr.  22 Mar 1805Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2694 Muse-Nagy 
5 Seaburn, Elizabeth  9 Sep 1788Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2719 Muse-Nagy 
6 Stanley, Muriel Joyce  11 Jun 2016Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8 Stanley 
7 Warr, Albert Farnham  19 Nov 1926Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3521 Speirs-Taylor 
8 Woodman, Kezia  9 Feb 1923Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3516 Speirs-Taylor 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Moreton / Alloway  13 Mar 1853Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F976 Muse-Nagy 
2 Walker / Thomas  6 Sep 1789Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F81 Walker 
3 Watts / Stanley  Feb 1948Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F12 Stanley