Bourbon, Kentucky, United States



Latitude: 38.2000000, Longitude: -84.2166694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brooks, James Allen  Abt 1780Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I236 Edwards-Gibbs 
2 Davis, Nathan  2 Apr 1791Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I152 Edwards-Gibbs 
3 Dudley, Peter  Abt 1788Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I242 Edwards-Gibbs 
4 Edward, John  Abt 1769Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I64 Edwards-Gibbs 
5 Edwards, Achilles  1806Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I115 Edwards-Gibbs 
6 Edwards, Elizabeth  Abt 1797Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I103 Edwards-Gibbs 
7 Edwards, George W.  Abt 1820Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I108 Edwards-Gibbs 
8 Edwards, Isabella  Abt 1824Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I106 Edwards-Gibbs 
9 Edwards, John  Abt 1804Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I117 Edwards-Gibbs 
10 Edwards, Julia A.  8 Apr 1814Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I113 Edwards-Gibbs 
11 Edwards, Mary ( Polly)  Abt 1797Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I116 Edwards-Gibbs 
12 Edwards, Sophia  Abt 1828Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I109 Edwards-Gibbs 
13 Edwards, Susan  Abt 1795Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I111 Edwards-Gibbs 
14 Garrard, Sarah  22 Feb 1793Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I183 Edwards-Gibbs 
15 Honey, James  20 Mar 1790Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I349 Hawk - Parent 
16 Honey, John  8 Dec 1787Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I347 Hawk - Parent 
17 Kennedy, Martha or Patsy  Abt 1830Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I149 Edwards-Gibbs 
18 Littleberry, Kennedy  Abt 1828Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I145 Edwards-Gibbs 
19 Perrin, (Dr.) George Heard  <1794>Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I147 Edwards-Gibbs 
20 Routt, Hannah Waller  10 Feb 1809Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I113 Hawk - Parent 
21 Shipp, Sally J.  1778Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I237 Edwards-Gibbs 
22 Smiser, John A.  Abt 1807Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I153 Edwards-Gibbs 
23 Toll, John R.  Abt 1793Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I150 Edwards-Gibbs 
24 Toulmin, Lucinda Jane  Abt 1782Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I239 Edwards-Gibbs 
25 Withers, George Markham  Abt 1703Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I144 Edwards-Gibbs 
26 Wornall, James W  Abt 1832Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I148 Edwards-Gibbs 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, Nathan  19 May 1864Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I152 Edwards-Gibbs 
2 Dudley, Peter  DeadBourbon, Kentucky, United States I242 Edwards-Gibbs 
3 Edward, John  Abt 1850Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I64 Edwards-Gibbs 
4 Edwards, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1817Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I103 Edwards-Gibbs 
5 Edwards, Ossian  1869Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I110 Edwards-Gibbs 
6 Garrand, Mary  Abt 1818Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I63 Edwards-Gibbs 
7 Garrard, Governor James  1803Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I120 Edwards-Gibbs 
8 Garrard, John  Aft May 1803Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I186 Edwards-Gibbs 
9 Garrard, Captain William  30 Dec 1838Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I181 Edwards-Gibbs 
10 Peers, Susan Dalrymple  8 Mar 1838Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I234 Edwards-Gibbs 
11 Stephens, Joseph Lawrence  14 Feb 1848Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I272 Edwards-Gibbs 
12 Washington, Elizabeth  30 Jun 1816Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I274 Edwards-Gibbs 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Edwards, Ossian  Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I110 Edwards-Gibbs 
2 Garrard, Governor James  1703Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I120 Edwards-Gibbs 
3 Littleberry, Kennedy  Bourbon, Kentucky, United States I145 Edwards-Gibbs 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brooks / Garrard  9 May 1810Bourbon, Kentucky, United States F84 Edwards-Gibbs 
2 Dudley / Garrard  15 Nov 1815Bourbon, Kentucky, United States F87 Edwards-Gibbs 
3 Edwards / Kennedy  1849Bourbon, Kentucky, United States F55 Edwards-Gibbs 
4 Garrard /   18 Dec 1793Bourbon, Kentucky, United States F86 Edwards-Gibbs 
5 Talbot / Garrard  24 Jan 1804Bourbon, Kentucky, United States F83 Edwards-Gibbs 
6 Waller / Edwards  1815Bourbon, Kentucky, United States F49 Edwards-Gibbs 
7 Withers / Edwards  17 Aug 1828Bourbon, Kentucky, United States F51 Edwards-Gibbs