Elizabeth Dent

Female Abt 1740 - Abt 1808  (~ 68 years)

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Ann P. Chappelear
Female Abt. 1790/7-
Mary Chappelear
Female Abt. 1790/7-
Eilza Chappelear
Female Abt. 1798/9-
Margaret Chappelear
Female Abt. 1800/9-
Henry Chappelear
Male Abt 1760-Abt 1831
Female Abt. 1770/9-Abt. 1840/9
John Chappelear
Male 1765/74-1820
Benjamin Chappelear
Male 1765/74-Bef 1819
Mary Wood
Female 1765/74-
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Elvina Harrison
Female Abt 1822-1893
Jane P. Harrison
Female Abt 1832-
New chart
Eliza C Harrison
Female Abt 1834-
Nathan Harrison
Male Abt 1820-Bef 1866
New chart
Henry Harrison
Male 1788-1867
Joseph H. Davis
Male 1811-1872
Margaret Harrison
Female Abt 1789-Abt 1852
Samuel B. Davis
Male Abt 1789-
Mary D Harrison
Female Abt 1828-
Sarah C Harrison
Female Abt 1830-
Elkenah Harrison
Male Abt 1836-
George Dent Harrison
Male Abt 1790-1860
Elizabeth Brian
Female Abt 1818-
Perscilla Harrison
Female Abt 1791-Abt 1859
Robert Harrison
Male 1792-1858
Eliza Bruce
Female Abt 1802-Bef 1829
James Harrison
Male Abt 1793-Bef 1836
Theodore Harrison
Male Abt. 1794/5-Aft 1873
George Harrison
Male Abt 1826-Abt 1880
New chart
Lucy Ann Harrison
Female Abt 1832-Bef 1900
New chart
Allison Harrison
Female Abt 1829-1902
David Harrison
Male Abt 1833-1864
Lucretia Harrison
Female Abt 1838-1921
Marcus L Mott
Male Abt 1831-Bef 1921
New chart
Mary V Harrison
Female Abt 1841-Abt 1875
Oliver Perry Harrison
Male Abt 1846-1915
John Chappelear Harrison
Male Abt 1795-Bef 1872
Orpha Harrison
Female Abt 1800-Abt 1877
Mary Evaline Dye
Female 1851-1928
New chart
Rebecca Harrison
Female Abt 1807-1876
John R Dye
Male 1804-1854
Mary Chappelear
Female 1765/80-1836/52
Joseph Harrison
Male Abt. 1775/8-1869
Elkanah Edwards
Male Abt 1780-Bef 1856
Nathan Chappelear
Male 1774/84-1807
Richard Chappelear
Male 1774/84-Bef 1806
Thomas Dent Edwards
Male 1804/8-1832
Harrison Edwards
Male Abt 1842-
Robert Edwards
Male Abt 1843-
New chart
Sarah Edwards
Male Abt 1855-
Elizabeth Chappelear
Female 1774/75-Abt. 1820/6
Elkanah Edwards
Male Abt 1780-Bef 1856
Thomas Dent
Male Abt 1765-84-
Ann Chappelear
Female 1784/90-
New chart
Elizabeth Dent
Female Abt 1740-Abt 1808
James Chappelear
Male Abt. 1730/41-1808