1870 US Census for Henry Bailet Household

New York City, New York, New York

594 3rd Ave
Henry Bailet, age 35, Baker, born in Germany
Mary Bailet, 24, born in Germany [this is Margaret, Henry's wife]
Phebe, 7, born in NY [this is Philip, Henry's oldest child]
Mary, 5, born in NY
Eliza, 3, born in NY
Maggie, 1, born in NY
Mary Ayers, 20, Domestic, born in Germany
Kate Trumpt, 20, Domestic, born in Germany

Jno Baillet, 33, Baker, born in Germany [this is Henry's brother]
Geo Baillet, 24, Baker, born in Germany [this is George Underhill]
Henn Baillet, 10, born in Germany [this is Hugh White]

Henry Baillet's family was enumerated twice in the census. In both censuses, the enumerator wrote down various incorrect information. However, when the censuses are looked at together, they paint a clear picture of what the family looked like.

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