1900 US Census for Henry Thomas Stolworthy

Name:Henry Thomas Stolworthy
Age: 39
Birth Date: Nov 1860
Birthplace: Utah
Home in 1900: Fruitland, San Juan, New Mexico
Race: White
Gender: Male
Spouse's Name: Lydia R Stallworthy
Marriage Year: 1880
Years Married: 20
Mother's Birthplace: England

Household Members:
1. Henry Thomas Stolworthy: Age 39
2. Lydia R Stolworthy: Age 37
3. Matilda Stolworthy: Age 20
4. Lucy Stolworthy: Age 7
5. Lydia Stolworthy: Age 14
6. Pearl Stolworthy: Age 11
7. Hazel Stolworthy: Age 8
8. Wilma Stolworthy: Age 6
9. Jakie Stolworthy: Age 5
10. Chastee Stolworthy: Age 14
11. Willard C Stolworthy: Age 8
12. Charlotta Stolworthy: Age 5
13. Carlos Stolworthy: Age 3

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