1825 Banns for Philip Hart and Mary Reynolds

28 Aug, 4 Sep, 11 Sep 1825, Wymondham, Norfolk

Philip Hart, bachelor, and Mary Reynolds, spinster, both of this parish.

Note: After in depth research, it was determined that Philip Hewitt and Philip Hart in the parish of Wymondham are the same person. According to FamilySearch, Philip Hewitt's presumed parents are Jonathan Hewitt and Ann Hart. They married in 1806. Philip was born around 1803, meaning he was likely illegitimate. This may be why he used his mother’s maiden name and his father’s surname at different times. Or Jonathan is his stepfather, not his biological father. No record has been found tying Philip to Ann Hart or Jonathan Hewitt other than the fact that he used both surnames.

Philip's surname switches between Hewitt and Hart on various records. On both censuses and his immigration Philip is listed as Hewitt, but on his children's baptisms he is Hart. On some of his children's burials his surname is Hewitt, but on another it is Hart. Also, on his children's civil birth registrations his surname is Hart.

Other evidence tying Philip Hart and Philip Hewitt are his occupation and residence. His occupation of brick maker remains consistent through all of the records. Also, his residence remains consistent: the family first lived in Towngreen and then moved to Folly Lane.

There is no other Philip Hart or Philip Hewitt in Wymondham and surrounding parishes at this time. In the censuses, only Philip Hewitt is found; no Philip Hart can be found in the area. At the time that Philip Hewitt would have been having children, only baptisms for the children of Philip Hart were found in Norfolk. Through these many evidences, it was concluded that Philip Hewitt and Philip Hart are the same person., Norfolk Banns

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