1884 Lane Deed for Estate of Daniel H Muse

Moore County, North Carolina, 30 December 1884

W R Muse was the administrator of Daniel H Muse's will. W R Muse sold all of Daniel Muse's property by public auction on 15 January 1881. L W Muse purchased 100 (150?) acres of Daniel Muse's land for $425.

Daniel H Muse's 1862 will stipulated that after his wife's death, his remaining property would be sold at public sale and the proceeds be equally divided between his five children. Daniel's wife, Jennet, must have died before 15 January 1881.

Note: a courthouse fire in 1889 destroyed most of the land records in Moore County. Therefore, Daniel H Muse's original purchase deed cannot be located to verify if he bought 100 or 150 acres., Deeds (Moore County, North Carolina), 1889-1901; indexes, 1880-1966, 1880-1966, film 546496, p. 582-583, img 698

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