Arkansas, United States



State/Province : Latitude: 34.7502805555556, Longitude: -92.5002805555556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Artimus J  Abt 1861Arkansas, United States I3112 Muse-Nagy 
2 Blocker, Andrew James  8 Mar 1900Arkansas, United States I2852 Muse-Nagy 
3 Blocker, Ansley Newton  Jun 1869Arkansas, United States I2849 Muse-Nagy 
4 Blocker, Chester J  25 Apr 1911Arkansas, United States I2858 Muse-Nagy 
5 Blocker, Edmond James  15 Jan 1896Arkansas, United States I2850 Muse-Nagy 
6 Blocker, Jesse James  18 Jul 1906Arkansas, United States I2855 Muse-Nagy 
7 Blocker, Minnie  Feb 1896Arkansas, United States I2851 Muse-Nagy 
8 Blocker, Nora L  1905Arkansas, United States I2854 Muse-Nagy 
9 Blocker, Perry William  11 Mar 1902Arkansas, United States I2853 Muse-Nagy 
10 Blocker, Tompy Benjamin  24 Jul 1909Arkansas, United States I2857 Muse-Nagy 
11 Blocker, Vina  1916Arkansas, United States I2859 Muse-Nagy 
12 Bowden, William H  10 Sep 1869Arkansas, United States I2834 Muse-Nagy 
13 Brown, Martha  1841Arkansas, United States I2788 Muse-Nagy 
14 Buckley, Kentucky A  1857Arkansas, United States I2784 Muse-Nagy 
15 Chandler, Thomas Jeff  Abt 1865Arkansas, United States I2872 Muse-Nagy 
16 Chandler, Violet A  23 Feb 1893Arkansas, United States I2874 Muse-Nagy 
17 Chapman, Eda Jane  31 Dec 1836Arkansas, United States I3954 My Family Tree 
18 Chapman, Lucille Elizabeth  Mar 1867Arkansas, United States I229 Muse-Nagy 
19 Chapman, William Stevens  12 Nov 1869Arkansas, United States I4019 My Family Tree 
20 Chapman, William Stevens  1870Arkansas, United States I3957 My Family Tree 
21 Crossland, Alan A  1914Arkansas, United States I2863 Muse-Nagy 
22 Crossland, Allen Byron  1909Arkansas, United States I2861 Muse-Nagy 
23 Crossland, Charles Ruel  1917Arkansas, United States I2864 Muse-Nagy 
24 Crossland, Hazel M  1912Arkansas, United States I2862 Muse-Nagy 
25 Crossland, Laura  24 Apr 1884Arkansas, United States I2839 Muse-Nagy 
26 Crossland, Maggie P  Apr 1895Arkansas, United States I2843 Muse-Nagy 
27 Crossland, Mickey M  7 Mar 1889Arkansas, United States I2841 Muse-Nagy 
28 Crossland, Nettie  Dec 1892Arkansas, United States I2842 Muse-Nagy 
29 Crossland, Ola Lee  4 May 1886Arkansas, United States I2840 Muse-Nagy 
30 Crossland, Patrick Oscar  6 Oct 1905Arkansas, United States I2845 Muse-Nagy 
31 Duke, Susan Francis  12 Feb 1849Arkansas, United States I10 Cranford-Bales 
32 Edwards, Alabama Harrison  Abt 1843Arkansas, United States I62 Edwards-Gibbs 
33 Edwards, Frances  Abt 1852Arkansas, United States I66 Edwards-Gibbs 
34 Edwards, William Liberty  Abt 1853Arkansas, United States I65 Edwards-Gibbs 
35 Evans, Damon O  4 Jan 1905Arkansas, United States I3266 Muse-Nagy 
36 Evans, Delpha E  Aug 1898Arkansas, United States I3264 Muse-Nagy 
37 Evans, Elva M  24 Jan 1895Arkansas, United States I3263 Muse-Nagy 
38 Evans, John Alonzo  5 Feb 1894Arkansas, United States I3269 Muse-Nagy 
39 Evans, Lillian  Aug 1899Arkansas, United States I3270 Muse-Nagy 
40 Evans, Lloyd Carter  13 Dec 1909Arkansas, United States I3272 Muse-Nagy 
41 Evans, Maud  Feb 1900Arkansas, United States I3267 Muse-Nagy 
42 Evans, Thomas Hayden  Abt 1902Arkansas, United States I3265 Muse-Nagy 
43 Franks, Evelyn Frances  Jun 1918Arkansas, United States I88 Owens-Smith-Miller 
44 George, Luther L  Oct 20 1896Arkansas, United States I3256 Muse-Nagy 
45 George, Vada A  Apr 1894Arkansas, United States I3255 Muse-Nagy 
46 Gonser, Alice  Abt Dec 1882Arkansas, United States I1244 Stonehocker 
47 Gonser, Lonzo  Abt Aug 1892Arkansas, United States I1239 Stonehocker 
48 Gonser, Rose Etta  Dec 1886Arkansas, United States I1243 Stonehocker 
49 Goodson, Martha Ella  30 Sep 1867Arkansas, United States I325 Muse-Nagy 
50 Grey, Gilbert  1884Arkansas, United States I861 Stonehocker 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Louisa  2 Jun 1928Arkansas, United States I2830 Muse-Nagy 
2 Sarah Emma  12 Sep 1907Arkansas, United States I3280 Muse-Nagy 
3 Allen, Mary Elizabeth  19 Feb 1957Arkansas, United States I193 Muse-Nagy 
4 Blocker, Ansley Newton  1922Arkansas, United States I2849 Muse-Nagy 
5 Blocker, Edmond James  2 Jun 1979Arkansas, United States I2850 Muse-Nagy 
6 Blocker, Jesse James  19 Oct 1992Arkansas, United States I2855 Muse-Nagy 
7 Blocker, Nora L  1922Arkansas, United States I2854 Muse-Nagy 
8 Blocker, Perry William  Oct 1970Arkansas, United States I2853 Muse-Nagy 
9 Blocker, Tompy Benjamin  27 Aug 1983Arkansas, United States I2857 Muse-Nagy 
10 Blocker, Vina  1932Arkansas, United States I2859 Muse-Nagy 
11 Bottoms, Robert W.  Aft 1920Arkansas, United States I84 Muse-Nagy 
12 Brown, Martha  21 Mar 1891Arkansas, United States I2788 Muse-Nagy 
13 Evans, John Alonzo  20 Oct 1933Arkansas, United States I3269 Muse-Nagy 
14 Evans, Romulus Jacob  4 Mar 1906Arkansas, United States I3259 Muse-Nagy 
15 Hallmark, Leeanna  Aft 1860Arkansas, United States I3187 Wagner-Thomas 
16 Hallmark, Taylor  Aft 1880Arkansas, United States I3192 Wagner-Thomas 
17 Irvin, James Smith  4 Jul 1858Arkansas, United States I3565 My Family Tree 
18 Irvin, Margaret Louise  Abt. 1857Arkansas, United States I3566 My Family Tree 
19 Kelso, Lusena  1880Arkansas, United States I535 Staples-Record 
20 King, Patrick B  19 Dec 1898Arkansas, United States I2856 Muse-Nagy 
21 Lay, Maud Elizabeth  22 Jul 1965Arkansas, United States I3170 Muse-Nagy 
22 Middleton, Benjamin C  5 Oct 1961Arkansas, United States I3152 Muse-Nagy 
23 Middleton, James Adolphus  29 Aug 1910Arkansas, United States I3143 Muse-Nagy 
24 Middleton, John T  6 Oct 1920Arkansas, United States I3150 Muse-Nagy 
25 Millwood, John Cleveland  16 Dec 1977Arkansas, United States I2868 Muse-Nagy 
26 Millwood, Richard Samuel  Abt 1900Arkansas, United States I2866 Muse-Nagy 
27 Mitchell, Martha Rebecca  27 Mar 1885Arkansas, United States I2822 Muse-Nagy 
28 Montgomery, Grace A  Oct 1973Arkansas, United States I344 Muse-Nagy 
29 Montgomery, William Jefferson  27 Aug 1953Arkansas, United States I346 Muse-Nagy 
30 Moss, Joseph Willis  4 Sep 1906Arkansas, United States I266 Staples-Record 
31 Muse, Sarah  Arkansas, United States I236 Muse-Nagy 
32 Nix, W Thomas  13 Feb 1905Arkansas, United States I2831 Muse-Nagy 
33 O'Connor, Robert Lee  1900Arkansas, United States I81 Owens-Smith-Miller 
34 Pickens, Mary Josephine  12 Jun 1938Arkansas, United States I3262 Muse-Nagy 
35 Reed, Henry Thomas  8 Nov 1892Arkansas, United States I2825 Muse-Nagy 
36 Reed, Joseph M  1 Nov 1893Arkansas, United States I2824 Muse-Nagy 
37 Shipman, Hannah Anna  1860Arkansas, United States I2750 Muse-Nagy 
38 Stevens, Mary Jane  1870Arkansas, United States I4012 My Family Tree 
39 Sullivan, Epsie / Eptha  Abt 1896Arkansas, United States I89 Muse-Nagy 
40 Wilson, Sarah or Juley  Aft 30 Nov 1837Arkansas, United States I2821 Muse-Nagy 
41 Young, Benjamin Dona  1912Arkansas, United States I2819 Muse-Nagy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 O'Connor, Robert Lee  Arkansas, United States I81 Owens-Smith-Miller 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Muse, Hillary Berry  1864Arkansas, United States I13 Muse-Nagy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Moss / Kelso  1853Arkansas, United States F179 Staples-Record 
2 Moss / Simmons  1853Arkansas, United States F178 Staples-Record 
3 Muse / Lillard  Abt 1886Arkansas, United States F1099 Muse-Nagy 
4 Reed /   Arkansas, United States F1004 Muse-Nagy 
5 Vandiveer / Stoddard  19 Nov 1932Arkansas, United States F19 Stoddard 
6 Ward /   Bef 1842Arkansas, United States F1182 Muse-Nagy