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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F1279
 Rolfe, Eliza Jane   My Family Tree 
2 F1242
Baugh, Samuel Thirkell, Emily Alice Apr 1873  My Family Tree 
3 F1270
Boorne, James Thirkle, Amelia Ann 1858  My Family Tree 
4 F1271
Boorne, Thomas Martha   My Family Tree 
5 F1272
Boorne, Thomas Hitchcock, Edith Abt 1901 Surrey, England  My Family Tree 
6 F1250
Burr, Alfred Edward Thirkell, Anne Elizabeth 31 Aug 1835 Maldstone, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
7 F1266
Chantler, Charles Thirkell, Sarah Louisa 1 Jan 1856 Christ Church, Forest Hill, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
8 F1277
Chantler, Charles John Thirkell, Helen Louise   My Family Tree 
9 F1245
Chantler, Thomas Woor, Hannah 27 Oct 1772 Staplehurst, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
10 F1240
Darley, William Frederick Thirkell, Jemima 22 Mar 1857  My Family Tree 
11 F1280
Foreman, John Mary Ann   My Family Tree 
12 F1281
Foreman, John Jemima   My Family Tree 
13 F1276
Foreman, Josiah Thirkell, Ann 14 Sept 1856 Brenchley, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
14 F1220
Foster, James Thirkell, Agnes Grace 2 Mar 1895 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  My Family Tree 
15 F1243
John, James Thirkell, Emily Alice 10 Apr 1914  My Family Tree 
16 F1274
Knowlden, James Cottington, Mary 9 Nov 1808 Cranbrook, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
17 F1219
Law, William Westwater, Ann 6 Oct 1836 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia  My Family Tree 
18 F1221
McAlister, Ceasar Westwater, Ann   My Family Tree 
19 F1241
Mitton, Edwin Thirkell, Caroline 2 May 1861 Wellsville, Cache, Utah, United States  My Family Tree 
20 F1285
Oyler, George Judith   My Family Tree 
21 F1278
Peck, James Murry Rolfe, Emily Maria 26 Sept 1893 Kameruka, New South Wales, Australia  My Family Tree 
22 F1239
Pool, John Thirkell, Sarah Ann 25 Jun 1854 Grantsville, Utah, United States  My Family Tree 
23 F1204
Rolfe, William Thirkell, Caroline Amelia 30 Sept 1867 New South Wales, Australia  My Family Tree 
24 F1275
Thirkell, Abraham Esther   My Family Tree 
25 F1230
Thirkell, Albert Griffiths, Amy Eveline 31 Dec 1888 Wolumla, New South Wales, Australia  My Family Tree 
26 F1269
Thirkell, Alfred Amos Tye, Caroline Wilmshurst 11 Mar 1846 Parish Chapel, St. Pancras, Camden, England  My Family Tree 
27 F1158
Thirkell, Alfred Oyler Law, Christiana 30 Sept 1867 New South Wales, Australia  My Family Tree 
28 F1247
Thirkell, David Pinnock Hall, Ann Eliza 6 Feb 1858 St. John, Horselydown, Southwark, England  My Family Tree 
29 F725
Thirkell, Edwin Henry Mary Flint   My Family Tree 
30 F1267
Thirkell, Francis Pinnock Elphick, Joanna Jane 13 May 1853 Horsmonden, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
31 F1268
Thirkell, Frank Pinnock Bridgland, Louisa Jane Jan 1877 Cranbrook, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
32 F1273
Thirkell, George Oyler Knowlden, Ann 22 Dec 1833 Maidstone, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
33 F631
Thirkell, John Bridgland Peach, Fanny Josephine   My Family Tree 
34 F1260
Thirkell, John Pinnock Oyler, Judith 16 Apr 1811 Cranbrook, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
35 F1236
Thirkell, John Pinnock Brown, Mary Baynes 21 Sep 1836 Hutton-Bushel, York, England  My Family Tree 
36 F630
Thirkell, John Pinnock Jessop, Mary 1853 St George Hanover Square Middlesex, England  My Family Tree 
37 F1249
Thirkell, John William Bucuris, Acatarina 29 Oct 1906 Liverpool, St. Nocholas, England  My Family Tree 
38 F1246
Thirkell, Nathan King, Mary 25 Sep 1741 Westminster, Middlesex, England  My Family Tree 
39 F1237
Thirkell, Nathan Pinock Chantler, Jemima 20 Mar 1809 Maidstone, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
40 F1284
Thirkell, Stuart Samuel Stockwell, Jessie Elizabeth Aug 1946 Kent, England  My Family Tree 
41 F1244
Thirkell, Thomas Pinnock Fletcher, Elizabeth 20 Jan 1777 St. Marylebone, Westminster, England  My Family Tree 
42 F1265
Thirkell, William Henry Burden, Elizabeth 1848 Camberwell, London, England  My Family Tree 
43 F760
Tye, John Mandy, Mary   My Family Tree 
44 F1263
White, Robert Hitchcock, Mary 5 Jun 1796 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England  My Family Tree 
45 F1262
White, William Thirkell, Emily Gawen 7 Sep 1852 Cranbrook, Kent, England  My Family Tree 
46 F1261
Wicker, John Thirkle, Amelia Ann 2 Oct 1850 Brenchley, Kent, England  My Family Tree